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Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel's Blog

Does a Facelift Include My Eyes and Neck?

Dr. Kenkel with patient

For plastic surgery patients considering a facelift here in Dallas, the question of which areas of the face the surgery will improve is a common one. Along with sagging skin in the lower face, many men and women also experience laxity or banding in the neck and droopiness in the eyes. Can a facelift correct all of these concerns? Board-certified … Read More

Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

Breast implants

Question: I have had my last child and am ready for a “Mommy Makeover.” What is it and when will I know I am ready? Dr. Kenkel answers: A mommy makeover here in Dallas typically involves performing procedures to enhance the breast shape, restore breast volume, and improve the contour of the abdomen and hips. The procedure can vary from patient … Read More

Natural options for filler

Dr. Kenkel with patient

Question: I really do not want to put artificial products into my face. Can I use my own fat? Answer: The answer is yes!  There are pros and cons to using fat.  Fat is your own body’s tissue and we can often get some from several places.  The down side to it includes it involves more an office-based procedure, one … Read More

Tired eyes? There are several options for you!

Dr. Kenkel patient

Question: I feel like my lower eyelids make me tired. What can I do about that look? Answer: This is not an uncommon complaint by both men and women.  There are several things that may come into consideration based on our analysis of the lower lid.  We will first look at the skin and determine whether there is extra skin … Read More

5 Ways to Tackle Tired Looking Skin

Dr. Kenkel with patient

Question: “I feel like my skin looks tired. What can I do to make it look better?” Answer: Many of my Dallas patients come in looking for a quick fix with a laser treatment to help their skin. While that may improve things more acutely, a commitment to skin care will allow one to maintain results from treatment and in … Read More

Which Filler is Best for Me?

Dr. Kenkel injecting

Question:  “How do I know what filler is best for me?” Answer: This is a great question.  While we do not have quite as many filler products as physicians do abroad we are starting to see a growth in options – which is a good thing! We now have more flexibility and options when it comes to fillers, so we … Read More

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Change Your Life

Dr. Kenkel and Patient both smiling and happy

Question: “What type of recovery can I expect after my breast reduction?” Answer: Breast reduction surgery is life changing!  As with any surgery, there will be some incisional discomfort but most patients tell me all of the symptoms they had prior to surgery are gone, even in the recovery room. We do not use drains so one should expect some … Read More

What’s the Right Age for a Facelift?

As a plastic surgeon in Frisco and Dallas, TX, I tell my facelift patients that there is no ideal age to have any surgical procedure. What are the first signs of aging on the face? The aging process is completely unique to each person, so you likely won’t age the same way as your friends or family members do. Both … Read More

How Do I Get Rid of My Double Chin?

Question: I am interested in getting rid of my double chin. What can I do to improve this? Answer:  As with anything the most important thing we do at a consultation is to analyze the area and determine the cause of your “double chin”. Most commonly it is due to fat in the area.   Other less common causes may be … Read More