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Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel's Blog

Can Botulinum Toxin be used for anything other than wrinkles?

Question: Can Botulinum Toxin be used for anything other than wrinkles?  Dr. Kenkel Answers: It is important to remember that Botulinum Toxin treats what we call “dynamic” wrinkles or lines that form from the activity of the underlying muscles. They do not treat static lines or lines from repetitive use of those muscles or from sun damage.  Those are treated … Read More

What are the Options for a Fuller, Curvier Posterior?

Question: What are the options for a fuller, curvier posterior? Dr. Kenkel Answers: The buttock silhouette is complemented by a concave or narrow waist.  In fact, we believe that well over 80% of the curve of the buttock is in fact due to aggressive contouring of the hips with liposuction. This allows for an aesthetically pleasing transition from the concave … Read More

Want a Non Surgical Nose Job with Filler?

Want a Non Surgical Nose Job with Filler? Question: I have a bump on my nose, what are my options? Can I use a filler? Dr. Kenkel Answers: The cause of the “bump” can be due to trauma or even something some are born with.  They can be either bone or cartilage in nature or a combination of both.  When … Read More

Does a Facelift include my Eyes and Neck?

Question: I am ready to have a Facelift. What does that include? My Eyes? My Neck? Answer: This is an excellent question.  A facelift typically involves repositioning and lifting of the cheeks, jawline and neck.  Very often we also address aging eyes at the same time for a more complete rejuvenation.  That being said, there are some patients that either … Read More

Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

Question: I have had my last child and am ready for a “Mommy Makeover”.  What is it and when will I know I am ready? Answer: A Mommy Makeover typically involves performing procedures to enhance the breast shape, restore breast volume, and improve the contour of the abdomen and hips. The procedure can vary from patient to patient and depends … Read More

Natural options for filler

Question: I really do not want to put artificial products into my face. Can I use my own fat? Answer: The answer is yes!  There are pros and cons to using fat.  Fat is your own body’s tissue and we can often get some from several places.  The down side to it includes it involves more an office-based procedure, one … Read More

Tired eyes? There are several options for you!

Question: I feel like my lower eyelids make me tired. What can I do about that look? Answer: This is not an uncommon complaint by both men and women.  There are several things that may come into consideration based on our analysis of the lower lid.  We will first look at the skin and determine whether there is extra skin … Read More

5 Ways to Tackle Tired Looking Skin

Question: “I feel like my skin looks tired. What can I do to make it look better?” Answer: Many of my Dallas patients come in looking for a quick fix with a laser treatment to help their skin. While that may improve things more acutely, a commitment to skin care will allow one to maintain results from treatment and in … Read More

Which Filler is Best for Me?

Question:  “How do I know what filler is best for me?” Answer: This is a great question.  While we do not have quite as many filler products as physicians do abroad we are starting to see a growth in options – which is a good thing! We now have more flexibility and options when it comes to fillers, so we … Read More