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Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel's Blog

Giving THANKS after 8 weeks of the COVID Pandemic

Giving THANKS after 8 weeks of the COVID Pandemic This week marks the eighth week away from my plastic surgery practice.  We have now opened our clinic back up and are seeing patients and are ready for you!  It is incredible to note that I have taken my longest hiatus from surgery in over 30 years.  In fact, this break from clinical … Read More

Sheltering at Home, What I Have Learned About Myself

Sheltering at Home, What I Have Learned About Myself We are now living in extraordinary times with life as we know it changing daily.  We all appreciate that some of these changes will likely remain with us while others will be temporary and gone once we have made it through the pandemic.  I like to believe that I can learn … Read More

Q and A with Dr. Kenkel: Discussions I Have With My Patients Every Day

Q and A with Dr. Kenkel: 3 Patient Questions Answered! It is a treat to write about pertinent topics monthly for our blog.  Many of the topics we use for our blog are actually stimulated by discussions I have with my patients every day.  We thought it might be fun to take 3 questions I received from patients this week … Read More

How Can I Improve the Look of My Thighs?

How Can I Improve the Look of My Thighs? I see many patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their thighs.  This area seems to poorly tolerate weight fluctuations. That being said, I see many patients who are weight stable who feel this is a place where they always have fullness: “ I am tired of my thighs rubbing … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: I Really Mean it This Time!

New Year’s Resolutions: I Really Mean it This Time! New Year’s Resolutions are always fun to think about.  Who doesn’t think about New Year’s Day and not feel pressure to have some type of “change” to start the year off right?  My resolutions have always centered around diet and exercise.  I am lucky to never had to worry too much … Read More

9 Things to Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

WHAT IS A BREAST REDUCTION?  HERE ARE 9 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY Breast reduction (or reduction mammoplasty) is a day surgical procedure designed to improve and/or eliminate symptoms related to large breasts. Both can contribute to the symptoms many women complain about who have large breasts. 1) What Causes Large Breasts? Breast enlargement can occur for a … Read More

Managing Pain After Surgery: Introducing a Rapid Recovery Program

Why Controlling Your Discomfort Following Surgery is Important, and How We Do It We are all aware of the current state of the opioid crisis. That being said, surgery produces discomfort as part of the recovery process and it must be controlled in some manner.  We use a Rapid Recovery Program for our patients which focuses on our patient’s pain … Read More

All About Eyes: Younger and Refreshed Eyes Can be Achieved!

Question: I feel like my eyes make me look older and more tired.  Is eyelid surgery the right thing for me to change this? Answer: As I tell my Dallas patients, the aging process affects us all differently.  That being said, it is very common for our patients to describe the changes around the eyes as some of the first … Read More

All about Lasers! 6 Devices You Should Know About, and Here’s Why:

"Better with Lasers" Graphic

LASER is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulation of Emission of Radiation.   WHAT?  It is a term that describes a certain wavelength of light that can be focused to target specific things in our body.  In many cases, people use the term to describe any device in the office that treats the skin.  What trouble spots … Read More

5 Reasons to Consider a Surgical Neck Lift VS. Tightening Procedures

5 Reasons to Consider a Surgical Neck Lift Over Office-Based Tightening Procedures In years past, seeing a plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation often required a commitment to full facial surgery and an extensive recovery. Today, our goals and ability to recover are different. Many plastic surgery patients considering a neck lift procedure here in Dallas, TX are more comfortable with … Read More