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Trying to lose the last 5-10lbs of stubborn fat? What are the options?

Fuel your body!

Working out and diet can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn fat and the last 5-10lbs.  What are the options? Dr. Kenkel Answers: I have learned a lot about nutrition by reading but also listening.  Tyler Nicholson and Kia Wright from Adaptive Nutrition, have really influenced me and allowed me to better understand nutrition.  Tyler once told me to … Read More

Are Outcomes Always Better with Lasers?


There seems to be an appeal to using lasers for treatment. Are outcomes always better with lasers? Dr. Kenkel Answers: This is a great question and as a patient one has to understand that there is a lot of marketing surrounding the use of lasers for treatments.  Physicians and Industry recognize that “laser” is a buzz word and is perceived … Read More

Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or Both?

tummy measuring tape

How do I know if I need liposuction or a tummy tuck, or both?  Dr. Kenkel answers: This is a great question and one we frequently answer when we see patients for evaluation.  There are four things that can give you fullness in the abdominal / tummy area: #1 — FAT – fat can be treated a number of different … Read More

Attention Men: Improve Your Appearance with 5 Simple Things!

men blog post

Question: Are there simple things that men can do to improve their appearance without downtime? Dr. Kenkel Answers: Today we have many options to help us look and feel better without having a prolonged downtime.  Here are my top 5 things for you to consider: #1 –Sunblock – It sounds so simple but many people do not take the time … Read More

Does anyone use saline breast implants anymore? Why is silicone so popular?

breast implant abstract

Question: Does anyone use saline breast implants anymore? Why is silicone so popular? Dr. Kenkel Answers: Saline breast implants are still an option for our patients seeking breast augmentation.  Most of our patients today prefer silicone gel implants for a number of reasons. Most patients feel they are a softer and a more natural feel compared to the saline alternative. … Read More

What options do I have to treat my “man boobs”?

etna case 70 b&a

Question: What options do I have to treat my “man boobs”? Dr. Kenkel answers: Gynecomastia or “an increased size of the male breast” is a common disorder that we see frequently in our practice. Up to 70% of adolescent boys have gynecomastia during puberty. The vast majority of these resolve within 2 years without any treatment. There are many causes … Read More

Can Botulinum Toxin be used for anything other than wrinkles?

drkenkel injection

Question: Can Botulinum Toxin be used for anything other than wrinkles?  Dr. Kenkel Answers: It is important to remember that Botulinum Toxin treats what we call “dynamic” wrinkles or lines that form from the activity of the underlying muscles. They do not treat static lines or lines from repetitive use of those muscles or from sun damage.  Those are treated … Read More

What are the Options for a Fuller, Curvier Posterior?

shutterstock_74507461 jeans butt

Question: What are the options for a fuller, curvier posterior? Dr. Kenkel Answers: The buttock silhouette is complemented by a concave or narrow waist.  In fact, we believe that well over 80% of the curve of the buttock is in fact due to aggressive contouring of the hips with liposuction. This allows for an aesthetically pleasing transition from the concave … Read More

Want a Non Surgical Nose Job with Filler?

nose abstract

Want a Non Surgical Nose Job with Filler? Question: I have a bump on my nose, what are my options? Can I use a filler? Dr. Kenkel Answers: The cause of the “bump” can be due to trauma or even something some are born with.  They can be either bone or cartilage in nature or a combination of both.  When … Read More