Our Staff

Debbie Greenleaf

Debbie is Dr. Kenkel's senior assistant and patient care coordinator at his plastic surgery practice in Dallas, TX. She has over 30 years of healthcare experience and is in the office to help guide you through your care with Dr. Kenkel. Debbie's warm presence, organized manner, and knowledge will help prepare you for your treatment with Dr. Kenkel.

Kimberly Pogue

Kimberly is Dr. Kenkel's assistant who helps manage his academic calendar and departmental events, coordinates his website, and helps with his social media presence. She also assists Debbie with patient care. Kimberly helps with many projects including coordination of Dr. Kenkel's monthly injection clinic.

Marjorie Giddings

Marjorie is Dr. Kenkel's nurse. She has worked with Dr. Kenkel for over 18 years and plays a critical role in assisting him with your care. Marjorie will help you with your preoperative and postoperative care in our clinic. Her strong foundation in plastic surgery is very reassuring for our patients. She will make you comfortable during your recovery every step of the way.

Emily Williams

Emily is another nurse that works with Dr. Kenkel and will help him care for you in the clinic. Emily's bright smile and comforting care will make you feel taken care of when you visit the clinic and put you at ease.

Wendy Turner

Wendy is an aesthetician that has worked with Dr. Kenkel for over 12 years now and together they will help guide you through your skin care needs and treatments and assists Dr. Kenkel with his laser treatments. Wendy has a busy practice of her own in our office seeing patients for skin care, performing facials, waxing, and laser treatments for hair, pigment, and vasculature.

Lauren Cheatham

Laurie is another aesthetician that works with Dr. Kenkel. She has joined the practice in the past year and has a strong foundation and experience in skin care and laser treatments as well as medical tattooing.

Kate Mackley

Kate helps with our patient educational material including photos, video and graphic design. Her works allows our patients to better understand some of the options they have for treatment. Kate's artistic eye and creativity has helped the practice shine.

Jayne Coleman, MD

Dr. Coleman is our anesthesiologist we use for our cases primarily. She has worked with Dr. Kenkel for nearly 20 years and provides excellent care for our patients in the Outpatient Surgery Center. Dr. Coleman goes out of her way to ensure that your every question is answered and is very calming and reassuring to our patients.

Caroline Gray, RN

Caroline is our primary nurse in the operating room that helps Dr. Kenkel take care of you while in surgery. She has worked with Dr. Kenkel for nearly 10 years. Caroline always has a smile on her face and helps alleviate the anxiety many of our patients have prior to surgery.

Thomas Erwin

Thomas is the surgical scrub technician that works with Dr. Kenkel in the operating room. Thomas assists Dr. Kenkel with surgery and has worked with him for over 12 years. He strong knowledge of plastic surgery and in particular, Dr. Kenkel's technique and preferences, in order to help Dr. Kenkel complete your surgical procedure.