Plastic Surgery for Men

At his practice in Dallas and Frisco, Texas, Dr. Kenkel specializes in plastic surgery procedures customized just for men. He understands that, while men may seek a different result than women, it's still about looking and feeling your best. When you come to our practice, you'll find an attentive staff and a surgeon who is ready to listen. Dr. Kenkel takes the time to hear why you've decided to come in, to address any concerns you might have, and to walk you through the results you can expect to see. Should you decide on a surgical procedure, we also have the onsite Medallion Guest Suites, a hotel-like facility for patients with round-the-clock nursing care during your first day or 2 of recovery.

To see our facilities in person and meet with Dr. Kenkel, please request a consultation online or give us a call at (214) 645-3112 to schedule an appointment.

Procedures Available

One of the most common surgeries Dr. Kenkel performs on men is gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction. Many men express a reluctance to take their shirts off in public because of excess breast tissue, sometimes insensitively referred to as "man boobs." Dr. Kenkel performs gynecomastia surgery to restore a flat, firm appearance to the chest, which helps men to feel more masculine and confident.

In addition to gynecomastia surgery, Dr. Kenkel customizes procedures for the face and body to meet the specific needs of his male patients. He understands that men who undergo facelift, necklift, rhinoplasty, and body contouring procedures are wary of results that appear too feminine. He draws from his extensive training and many years of experience to create results that preserve a man's masculinity, while achieving the contours that help him feel younger and more attractive.