When you’re looking for the best facial plastic surgeon in the Dallas area, credentials and accolades can tell you a lot about a physician, but few things are more powerful than first-hand accounts. For this reason, Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel has chosen to share the real words of many of his past patients. Through their testimonials, you can get a sense of their experiences and learn more about Dr. Kenkel’s approach.

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Excellent physician and staff. Highly recommend!

Hands down one of the best doctors in Dallas.

Great doctor and service! Everyone is friendly and kind. Absolutely recommend. You must come in for a consultation but well worth it because this is not a storefront biz or spa. UTSW is state of the art where you can be sure every procedure, including the latest greatest in the market, has been tested and is safe.

My husband and I have both had work done, and we could not be happier. All questions were answered. From our first consultation visit to the final visit after surgery, it was professional, very considerate of our feelings, friendly and helpful at all times. Highly recommended.

Dr. Kenkel was very professional and did a great job. I was pleased with the results of my surgery. I would use him again.

The Dr performed two separate procedures on me and I am pleased with the results of both. His explanations of what to expect during the recovery from surgery and what results to expect were clear and accurate.

The followup care by the doctor and his staff were first rate.

I would recommend anyone considering plastic surgery to contact Dr. Kenkel.

Not only is Dr. Kenkel a great doctor, he is such a compassionate, fun, & friendly guy! Always answered each of my questions throughly & put me at ease. I’ve always been totally pleased with his work. As a bonus, his staff is amazing…….they make each patient feel very special. Absolutely the best doctor & staff!

I just love Dr. Kenkel. I was very reluctant to have any plastic surgery but Dr. Kenkel put my mind at ease. He is honest, gentle, and a delight but most of all an excellent surgeon. I highly recommend him for any plastic surgery procedures.

In May I had Vollure and Botox facial injections, the results are amazing, the look is natural and refreshed. Women compliment me daily. Dr Kenkel is a gifted plastic surgeon. He is committed to providing his patients with the best care possible. With his extraordinary skills, the latest products on the market, and the newest techniques available he delivers results that are truly stunning. We are so blessed to have him here in North Texas!

I cannot say enough great things about Dr Kenkel, first and foremost he is a wonderful human being that truly cares for each and every patient. He is talented and very precise, giving you options with and without surgery. Results are always what was discussed and accurate. His staff is wonderful and always makes you feel comfortable.

Had a breast reduction and tummy tuck three years ago followed by a full face and neck lift. Dr. Kenkel is a jewel. Gets back to you. Calls you. Price was great. No ego problem with this doc.

My daughter and I are very happy patients of Dr. Kenkel and we could not be happier with our results.

He is an amazingly skilled plastic surgeon, he has great post surgery communication and personal care.

You can expect an honest and truthful recommendation from him and his professional staff and the results are better than expected!

I did a lot of research and I really recommend that you meet him.

If I ever needed another surgery I would never think twice or doubt returning to his care. That’s how much we trust him.

Wow all I can say is amazing results! All around great experience.

My daughter had surgery with Dr. Kenkel and he was wonderful to work with. He was patient, caring and did a great job with the surgery. His staff was just as terrific. She looks great and I would highly recommend him.

Dr. Kenkel is an amazing doctor. I couldn’t be happier with my results! I feel like a whole new person. The staff is also great and very welcoming.

Never been waxed before! yes it is true, usually tweeze myself obsessively but after receiving a gift certificate for Jeffrey Kenkel, MD. I am hooked! Brandi did a terrific job on my brows and the experience was quick, friendly and I just love the way they look! Will be back on a regular basis!

Dr Kenkel is great!! I give him 5 stars as he exceeded my expectations on my breast reduction. I am happy to say this as it has only been a little over 1.5 weeks since my surgery. His team is amazing and everyone is helpful, kind and fun. I have absolutely no complaints! Highly recommend Dr Kenkel – I feel so much better and the breast reduction has already improved my overall confidence.

I am from south Texas and had been wanting a breast reduction for years. After researching and visiting several surgeons,Dr. Kenkel and UT Southwestern was my favorite option. They were so kind and professional,very informative and his work was wonderful. A year later,I could not be happier that I went with Dr. Kenkel! He changed my life.

Dr.Kenkel is skilled and careful about his work. I drive over an hour to see him, even though there are many other doctors close by, as I trust his opinion and professionalism. He will never create an unnatural look, and always shares his honest opinion to make you look your best!

I moved to Dallas 5 years ago to live with my significant other; and quite soon discovered the many advantages of taking my medical business to UT Southwestern. Over a 3 year period prior to my moving here, I lost nearly 100 pounds, and knew that I wanted to pursue surgical removal of some of the fatty deposits and loose skin resulting from that weight loss; so asked my PCP at UTSW about associated plastic surgeons…Dr. Kenkel’s name was the first one she mentioned.

I scheduled a consultation and was immediately struck by the friendliness, expertise, and clear concern for patient well-being, of he and all the staff at the Plastic Surgery Clinic. I have since had Dr. Kenkel revise a previous brachioplasty (done by a different surgeon in a different state), do an abdominoplasty; revise that abdominoplasty when it proved necessary; and a breast reduction which was medically necessary due to back and neck issues. I have sheer joy at seeing breasts upon my chest again, instead of hanging down to my waist – I can’t pass a mirror without looking and smiling – and I haven’t had a backache since! Over the course of these surgeries (2016-2019), I have become extremely fond of Dr. Kenkel and his entire staff – I esteem all of them for their professionalism, high quality of care, and just making me, the patient, feel comfortable and known as an individual instead of just another body passing through…

From the excellence of the in-clinic day surgery and overnight facilities

(luxurious! – and fabulous staff here, too!), to the clear respect and appreciation of the entire staff for patients and for each other, and the totally satisfactory results of their work – I have never had a better experience. I love them all – and highly recommend Dr. Kenkel’s practice for your plastic surgery needs!

Dr. Kenkel and his staff, both at the clinic and on the surgical side are second to none! I have talked with him for 5 or more years about having surgery on my face and neck and this was the year to do it! The results are amazing! I look natural, and younger! People who know me, give me that quizzical look and the first thing they ask – “Did you lose some weight? You look awesome!” I haven’t lost a pound! But I look younger and yes, I do look awesome and that is thanks to a gifted surgeon, Jeffery Kenkel! Thank you Dr. Kenkel and your staff for an amazing experience from start to finish!

Everyone I met starting from the receptionists were very professional and helpful. My surgeon was very kind, open and listened well to my concerns prior and post the surgery. He took a good care of me and tried his best to make sure I’m comfortable through our the entire process. The facility was clean, calm and decorated in way thats made me feel comfortable like I’m in a hotel. It’s has the sense of a clinic and elegance of a hotel and that clam down a little especially before my surgery.

Exceeded all expectations.

I’m no longer self conscious about my appearance. The best compliment that anyone can give you is when they ask “What lifestyle changes did you make to lose weight?” No one in a million years would’ve guessed that I had plastic surgery. That’s the sign of great plastic surgeon.

Dr. Kenkel was professional and experienced. I was nervous at first, however, the doctor and his team exceeded all of my expectations.

There was some confusion with my expectations versus what he thought he could provide. In the end it worked out fine. His coordinator Deborah Greenleef was amazing and was able to understand what I was worried about and able to reassure me that it would be ok.

Before my procedure, I hated to have my picture taken. All I would see was my double chin. Now I don’t mind having my picture taken.

Everyone that I encountered, starting with the person that checked me in and ending with the person that checked me out, was very friendly and treated me with the utmost respect. They all seem to love what they do and it shows! Dr. Kenkel and his staff made sure that I was comfortable during the procedure and pleased with the results.

I am much more comfortable with my own sense of body image.

Everyone from the front desk, to the nurses to Dr. Kenkel were phenomenal.

The surgery has not changed how I function daily, however, it did provide an aesthetic result that was important to me.

I was satisfied with the care that the doctor provided. As with all surgeries there are risks. The surgery did result in some complications due to my own medical history. The doctor went above and beyond to manage those issues as they presented.

The number of people who came in to introduce themselves and talk to me was exceptionall. Before I knew it, it was time to go into surgery.

The care and attention of the surgeon

He was always responsive to my questions and concerns; staff were courteous, caring and professional. I found the care superb.

The staff was unlike any other medical staff and the quality of work was incredible

Removal of extremely large of fat on upper thighs. Relieved pressure on back and knees from excess weight. Feel so much more comfortable & better about myself.

Very pleased with outcome. Felt totally respected and provided excellent medical care from entire team.

If forced to choose one thing it is the level of comfort I have that Dr. Kenkel and his staff know their stuff. Typically I would worry about having any surgical procedure. Dr. Kenkel has performed a full tummy tuck, lipo then most recently Brest augmentation on me. I never worried about the procedures or the outcome of the procedures.

Dr. Kenkel and his entire staff make you feel like you are their only patient. Dr. Kenkel takes the time to listen to what you want. He does not just say yes to every request. For instance I wanted my breasts to be a larger size. He took the time in person and by email to explain why that would not be the right decision for me. He was right! I would not go to any other plastic surgeon. I completely trust Dr. Kenkel and his staff and refer people to him every chance I get.

There was no attempt to high pressure me to have additional procedures I did not need. Doctor was very honest as to what procedures I should have done.

I really like my new self

The staff was excellent and Dr Kenkel has excellent bedside manors. I feel he really cares about his patients well being.

Dr. Kenkel was a pleasure to deal with. He listens to what the patient is wanting and exceeds their expectations. He puts the patient at ease by explaining in detail what they can expect before, during and after their procedure. He has a dedicated staff that have worked with him for a long time. I trust Dr. Kenkel, his bedside manner is above and beyond what is the norm these days. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend. He is a kind person as well as a talented surgeon.

Everyone was respectful, helpful and willing to assist me and answer my questions or address my concerns.

Dr. Kenkel makes you feel so relaxed and is very professional. The injection experience is like non other I have ever had. He is touch is very gentle and very concerned and listened to my all of my wants and needs. He is someone I highly recommend and will come back to and recommend friends to. I have very little bruising.

Best Doctor ever, awesome staff, very happy

Dr. Kenkel performed a breast reduction for my daughter about 7 years ago and she was highly satisfied with her experience so I decided to see him for my own reduction. He assured me that my reduction would be life changing and so far, it is. I know it will continue to be. I have had relief from a chronic neck spasm since the surgery and it is a wonderful ongoing experience as I can wear much smaller sizes in bras, and clothing, and feel so much less conspicuous because of not having large breasts anymore. I recommend Dr. Kenkel and his staff completely, based on my personal experience as well as the experience of my daughter. Debbie Greenleaf was also instrumental in working with my insurance company and helping me get the approval for coverage that I needed.

Quick and painless

Staff was very pleasant, efficient, and professional. Dr. Kenkel explained the procedure to me as he performed the removal of my sun spots and the post care. I found the whole experience quick and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Kenkel.

I wanted to have this surgery for some time .I was happy to pick a great Doctor and his staff they made me very confortable . thats why i picked the hospital and doctor i wish to thank them they were all great

YES its been good.

Very professional. Felt I was in the best of care.

I am highly satisfied and highly recommend this surgeon and the facility.

since it is only three weeks after the operation, it is too early to give a clear perspective of the effect of this process to my life. though, I must admit that the signs of a bright side is revealed.

Doctor was super compassionate and highly involved in overseeing my care and in providing assurance to me that my surgical outcome would be good. Medallion Suites is excellent transitional lodging following surgery.

Dr. Kenkel is a highly skilled surgeon and has very kind nature about him. I found him to be caring, and I have never heard anything negative about him in the medical community. I would definitely use him again, and would recommend him to others. I have already been asked about him and his skill level as a plastic surgeon, and gave him excellent reviews. I would look no further than this kind, caring, and highly skilled surgeon if looking to have work done.

Positive self esteem

Great atmosphereVery happy with resultsWonderful dr interaction

My clothes fit much better, and I’m feeling much more confident about my appearance. I also think that the tummy tuck may, in the long run, help with lower back pain that I’ve experienced.

Dr. Kenkel and his staff are very responsive to any concerns and are excellent at explaining what is going to occur and what expectations should be after surgery.

Highly satisfied with the whole experience with exception of post op nurse. This experience would not deter me from returning.

Dr. Kenkel is very caring, and I felt that he did an excellent job. His office staff care also excellent

Honestly, I’m not sure what to say. My stomach is flat, that’s what I paid for? I also had a breast lift with augmentation & lipo on the thighs. I do feel like I have a bit more of a curvy figure than I ever did before.

Dr. Kenkel suggested a procedure that turned out to be less expensive and very successful. Originally I came in about under chin shots for under chin fat. He suggested Liposuction instead for several reasons. I’m very pleased with the results, cost, and Dr. Kenkel.

For one thing it has changed the way I wear my hair. For several years I’ve tried to hide my chin with longer hair. Now I feel confident to wear a shorter hair style that I feel helps me look younger. Also, earrings look good with the shorter style.

Everyone was awesome!

For the first time in 10 years, I was able to straighten my elbow on my left arm and have circulation in that arm to where it was warm and not always cold. Minimal lower back pain, and better arm movement. .

Everything went great.

My clothes fit better, i have an easier time finding clothes i like, it’s easier for me to put on my bra by myself , no more grooves digging into my shoulders.

Dr. Kenkel did a great job. Him and all of the staff in the office are very caring and personable. After I went home after the post op hematoma, Dr. Kenkel called me and gave me his personal cell phone number in case I had any problems I needed to talk to him about.

I felt like I was well taken care of and respected by everyone that I encountered.

Increased overall happiness with the way that I look.

I have not had many surgeries and certainly not one this major. I am grateful for the referral i was given for Dr. Kenkel. I would not want or need another plastic surgeon to ever see me except Dr Kenkel as he is the best all around surgeon ever. He was very personable kind gentle warm caring and very good at what he does. He always gives credit to his team in all that he does. the staff at the Medallion Suites were wonderful. Very kind and caring. Debbie Greenleaf was very good at keeping me on track with everything that had to be done before surgery. Nurse Marjorie is amazing and has always been there when i had a question about anything after surgery.All the staff is happy and friendly from the check in girls to the check out ladies.Just a really amazing experience all around.

Great experience. Friendly staff, made me extremely comfortable and everything went smoothly. I hardly had waiting time for appointments and day of surgery.

I think Dr. Kenkel is great — professional, skilled, respectful, and prompt. Would suggest that just before surgery, when I was being drawn on”, that any guests be asked to step out into hall because I was naked and a bit self-conscious.Thought nurses (except for the one who called in my pain meds) were very friendly, helpful and professional.All in all, am very pleased with outcome.

I felt they knew what they were doing and made me comfortable.

I was treated for a laser hemangioma on my right cheek. I have great respect and trust for Dr. Jeffery Kenkel’s ability as a Plastic Surgeon. I’ve been a patient of his for about 10 years or more. I know I’m in the best hands possible for my problem.

Completely satisfied with my experience.

Dr. Kenkel did an excellent job and with the exact result I was looking for – not too much and not too little. My experience in every area, pr-op, surgery and post-op, has been excellent. I really appreciate the respect shown for my time as all appointments were right on time and with extremely minimal to no wait time for me. Every person in the office has been extremely pleasant and very professional. Dr. Kenkel had been a recommendation to me from my brother-in-law (who is also a patient of Dr. Kenkel). He had highly recommended Dr. Kenkel to me for the procedure I had done and I must admit, the experience and result was much more than I could have hoped for. Dr. Kenkel takes immense pride in his work and the results are outstanding and reflective of his caring. I am very appreciative of the excellent service and I will not hesitate to use Dr. Kenkel and staff for any future procedures that may be necessary.

I am in awe of how attentive the entire staff was. I have a blood clot condition and I was amazed that every member that came in on surgery day knew about it and they initiated the conversations about it. Already informed and it gave me such ease.My own family practitioner that I’ve had for years can’t remember that I have this and I have to remind her every time when she perscribes me meds.Highest quality medical experience I’ve ever had!

I appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of everyone i encountered from the valet to Dr. Kenkel. And my time is treated as important as the practice.

I met a lot of people the day of- surgery site staff, surgeon’s staff/assistants, the anesthesiologist and her staff/assistants. Every single person was friendly and professional.

The surgery successfully solved my back pain, as I can tell to this time. Though I did want my breast size to be reduced more than the surgery outcome. I fully understand that the process is an art & a science and results cary. Though I am surprised that my reduced size is at a DD and I had discussed with Dr Kenkel the desire to be a B. I feel like I still have large breasts and part of what I wanted, in addition to solving my back problems, was to have a small chest. I have had a large chest all my life and truly wanted to be small chested. The fact that I am not even a D but a DD after surgery is frustrating. I do want to say the experience and everyone including Dr Kenkel and his staff made the process so easy and comfortable…and that is much appreciated!

I loved Dr. Kenkel! He gave me exactly what I wanted and made me feel like a friend other than just another surgery under the scalpel. He was always checking on me personally and his staff always made me feel at ease. I never once felt uncomfortable with him or his team like I had prior when first starting my search for the right doctor”. You will feel at home with him and his staff and you will never look back with regret! Everyone in the office waiting room loves him just the same! I highly recommend Dr. Kenkel for anyone who wants exactly what you want form a doctor who cares about you!

I can see good results and everyone was very attentive. I was not prepared for the amount of pain and overall discomfort, although, I should have figured it out by the prescriptions I received. It was a rather rough 2 weeks so the prescriptions were needed and appreciated. All in all, a good experience.

Love dr.jeffrey m.kenkel.department of plastic surgery

This whole process exceeded my highest expectations. Cleanliness, staff friendliness, anesthesia process, even the insertion of the iv was painless. Recovery was much quicker than I expected. Minimal scarring. Only regret I have is not doing this years ago!

Confidence in my doctor and his availability when needed.

I have been coming to Dr. Kenkel since 2004. Dr. Kenkel even performed facial surgery on my child. For a patient to trust a doctor, a plastic surgeon, so much that they allow that doctor to perform work on their child’s face, says a lot. I will continue to come to Dr. Kenkel because I trust that he will perform quality work. His staff is helpful and punctual. I have and will recommend Dr. Kenkel to others.

Dr. Kenkel is probably the kindest physician I have ever met or even heard about. He wants patients to be satisfied with the results and was very concerned and interested at all times during the process. I would recommend him to everyone.

Dr Kenkel, Debbie and all of the nurse’s have been fantastic to work with. I have been extremely satisfied with every encounter – from my initial consulation visit thru the numerous post-procedure checkups. I have recommended Dr Kenkel to several friends and acquaintances over the past couple of years since my surgery.

The friendness and the level of service that I received was outstanding. The pricing could be a little better – especially for those that work here would be my only comment. As employee’s we could be a walking advertisement for UT.

The Doctor is very professional and did an excellent job with the neck surgery. Had some problems with the chemical peel but the doctor and staff are working their best to correct the problem.

happy with Doctor, staff and results!

Excellent credentials and patient care. Procedure was without incident, relived my physical ailments but also provided a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

I have really enjoyed my interactions with Marj, she has made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire experience, even though I was extremely nervous about the outcome of all of this. She always greets me by name and remembers specifics about me and my life and checks in on those when I see her. Dr. Kenkel has been nothing but nice and accommodating and really shows passion for his work. He was very gentle during my procedure and shows deep concern for fixing it the way that I envision it. I appreciate his calm manner and concern.Overall, I am really happy with the facility and with my experience and would recommend this team to anyone!

Everyone and everything was done with the highest professionalism. They made the entire process easy and comfortable.

Highly satisfied with the outcome. The entire staff was great in how professional they conducted themselves and very kind. The level of respect I was given can not be matched.

Good result. Everyone says I look great.

Dr. Kenkel knew exactly what I needed done and the outcome is great!

From my first visit, Dr. Kenkel and staff made me feel very comfortable and took the time to answer every question I asked. Very organized day of surgery.

Dr. Kenkel and his team are highly professional, and are clearly experts in the field. I had an excellent experience each time that I visited the office and felt I could call at any time for any issue. I was never kept waiting for more than 5 minutes in the office, and all of my concerns were addressed by the friendly, professional nurses. His office is one of the best medical offices I have ever been to. I would definitely recommend them.

Dr Kenkel & his staff are extremely professional & reassuring which allows the patient to focus on the end result instead of the fear of what could happen?” I am more than please with the result of my procedures. The minimal scaring and proper sculpting proves the skill of his artistic ability. I have and will continue to refer friends, family & clients to Dr Kenkel knowing they will be as happy with their modifications as I am.

Dr. Kenkel and his staff are excellent! The attentiveness and care I received during my body lift was amazing. I knew what to expect and am very pleased with my results. Any time I had a question, Dr. Kenkel and his staff were available to answer. I will be returning to Dr. Kenkel’s care to finish my transformation!

The staff was professional and kind from the second I walked into their office. I felt cared for and confident about my procedure. The whole office area from beginning to end was clean and quiet which have a calming effect as well. Dr. Kenkel is thorough and did a great job on my scar revision.


Dr. Kenkel was very attentive and engaged throughout the entire process from our discussions regarding the breast implant update (exchange) to our preoperative interaction in the surgery suite and continuing through post operative follow up.In spite of significant gift as a cosmetic surgeon, has a very gentle nature and humble presence. I trust his judgment completely and know that his guidance is truly focused on what is in my best interest.I later trusted him with my most precious possession, my daughter, who also has breast augmentation with Dr. Kenkel. That says it all.

The performance n quality that Dr.Kenkel and his staff provided. The hospital and team that assisted me was very considerate to me and my comfortness. My overall experience was good.

Dr Kenkel is a great physician who clearly explains the procedures of the treatment. I am very satisfied with his skills and knowledge. Totally trust him.

Dr. Kenkel was so nice and super sweet to me. The nursing staff was awesome as well!

I was thrilled with the friendliness of the staff as well as my results with the procedure. I felt that everything was done in a timely and efficient manner and that all of my questions were answered and concerns addressed. Overall I just had a pleasant and affirming experience.

I felt that Dr. Kenkel and his staff are very organized and thorough. Their attention to detail as well as effective communication made the process very smooth. Dr. Kenkel displayed a very high level of professionalism and understood my every concern. I am very happy with my results and I have found a new level of confidence. I would highly recommend Dr. Kenkel to any of my family or friends.

Have been coming for 2 yrs for injections. Contemplating an eye lift. Have always been pleased with services and staff. The only difficulties that I have ever has was with scheduling. Seems to be resolvednow. Many Thanks

Results were as expected. The doctor and staff were available to answer questions. I was scheduled for follow up exams and treatment which more quickly improved my recovery.

Dr. kenkel has a very outgoing personality & always makes me feel at ease as he answers my questions until I’m satisfied. Never have I been made to feel rushed or as if I’m just a number. He & his staff are always cordial, friendly, & helpful. He is a brilliant surgeon & I’m pleased each & every time I’m in the office or having a procedure done. I’ve recommended them many times to others & shall continue to do so. They’re absolutely wonderful!

After years of anxiety about my implants the surgeon made me feel like it was not a big deal which was reassuring . Also the after care nurse was extremely personable and made my husband feel very comfortable. In he end he has reconstructed my breast to a level of satisfaction that is very livable.

Dr. Kenkel continuously exceeds my expectations! He always takes the time to answer my questions, address my concerns, and explain the procedures. He has the best bedside manor! I recommend him to all my family and friends!

Dr. Kenkel and his staff are wonderful at taking care of their patients and making them feel really welcome and like a priority. No matter how hectic his schedule may be, I would know because when he’s with me he spends time ensuring all my questions and concerns are addressed. Amazing doctor and I will recommend him to family and friends!

Dr. Kenkel is one of the most gracious, kind, knowledgeable experts in his field. He is precisioned and pays a attention to detail. HE is a perfectionist and this is evident in his work. He is very gentle and informative. Dr. Kenkel has a passion for his work and it shows in all he touches. He is calm and friendly putting anyone who sees him, to ease. Dr. Kenkel is one of a kind and I recommend him often to friends. He’s the very best in my book!

Dr. Kenkel and his staff have been amazing. I have had two surgeries to date and have one more scheduled in the next couple of week. I have had a full body makeover after losing well over 200lbs. Dr. Kenkel did a full arm lift, breast lift, thigh lift, butt lift, breast lift, and tummy tuck. The incisions have healed better than I could have ever imagined and I credit it 100\% to Dr. Kenkel’s surgical expertise and his holistic approach to recover which includes nutritional guidance and skin care recommendations. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Kenkel and his staff for the care they have shown over the past year. Their kindness and empathy is heartfelt and genuine and it shows. Dr. Kenkel gave me my life back and words can’t express how thankful I am for that. I would recommend him a million times to anyone who is considering undergoing a surgical self improvement effort.

I am very pleased with Dr. Kenkel and the entire staff. He takes the time to listen to my questions and explains the procedures and outcomes. In addition, the office is relaxing and very neat.

Dr. Kenkel and staff provide professional excellence with personal attention regarding what is the best match for optimal outcome. Dr Kenkel’s genuine concern for my concern’s is a lost art and very appreciated particularly in the field of plastic surgery. And yes, I have and will continue to with confidence refer Dr. Kenkel and UTSW to friends. My outcome excellent and refreshing.

From the first time I walked into the office, I have always felt welcomed. No matter how mundane or intricate my questions, the doctor has always taken his time to answer them thoroughly.

I sought out Dr. Kenkel based on the advice of a surgeon who declined to work on me as he was only 80% certain in his own mind of a good outcome and his threshold for accepting a patient was 90%. He said, “I have a friend who teaches at Southwestern and performs much more male contouring than I do and if I had a family member who was considering the surgery that you are, he is exactly who I would recommend.” From my first meeting with Dr. Kenkel through the post operative period, I felt that I had the best surgeon and team in the world. He was experienced, on the cutting edge of new technology and procedure, compassionate, a good communicator and more available than I expected. I can’t think of anything that I would rather have spent that amount of money on than my surgeries and my only regret is that I did not do this sooner. It has been a very positive and life-changing experience and I cannot recommend Dr. Kenkel and his staff highly enough. “

Dr Kenkel listened to my questions and I felt FULLY informed. My expectations were exceeded and I will recommend anyone I can to him!!!I look like myself, only rested and 10 years younger! I have followed the instructions and will continue my skin care regimen. Dr Kenkel is best known for his conservative approach and realistic goals. I trust his judgement and rely on his staff without hesitation.

Dr. Kenkel and his staff were very personable and the results were very favorable. The atmosphere was pleasant and most of my visits were very efficient and easy.

Everyone was first class.

Dr. Kenkel is a very skilled doctor and caring man. His confidence is evident and he is not arrogant. He has a calming nature and answered any and all questions I had. He made himself available to me for anything via email. He has so much experience and I was never apprehensive about the procedures. I also liked the fact that he didn’t try to get into my head or analyze the reasons I was having plastic surgery. He is always very respectful. His staff is the greatest. They are all very friendly and everyone seems to work as a team. I really appreciate all of them. His assistant, Debbie, was always very attentive and answered any questions I had. She was also available for anything I needed.I really can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kenkel. I am so greatful to have him as my doctor. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Dr. Kenkel and his staff are first class. This was not my first procedure with him. I consulted with him after my breast cancer surgery and he renewed my faith in doctors. He truly does care about his patients and tells them honestly what is the best for them. When I needed a surgeon after my melanoma was removed from my face, I waited to work out the procedure with Dr. Kenkel’s schedule. He is truly the best surgeon. My face healed so well, with the scar being so minimal, that people could not believe I ever had melanoma. A few years later, when I needed the neck lift, I knew where to go. Again, a great experience. Rather than a face lift that required so much down time, we decided the fillers and neck lift would work best for me. I am very pleased with the results. I will only recommend Dr. Kenkel, he is a very skilled surgeon and caring physician with an outstanding staff.

Dr Kenkel and staff were top knotch!

The results were amazing; the whole staff was very very pleasant, ready to assist my every need. Many followup visits to ensure progress. Dr. Kenkel is very in tune with his patients; his manners were impeccable; his surgical expertise is fabulous. Elective surgery can be scary but he and his staff made me feel very comfortable. I feel I made a very good decision in choosing Dr. Kenkel as my plastic surgeon.

Dr. Kenkel and his staff, have and always been wonderful. Everyone is upbeat and professional. Dr. Kenkel has a great eye, very skilled and has an ability to make you feel calm and confident that you are in good hands. I appreciate his honesty. Great surgeon and wonderful staff.

I have always said Dr. K had angel hands as I had a full facelift and had no bruises and/or pain…..and the results are amazing. Very natural and had healthy skin afterward with no scaring!!!

I love Dr. Kenkel. Not only does he have a GREAT bedside manner but he is an excellent plastic surgeon. I have been spoiled by having him as my surgeon.

I am 67 years old and had a large baby when I was 21. The older I get the larger my belly was getting and there was nothing I could do to get rid of it. I went to see Dr. Kenkel and we talked and he said that he could take that belly off and tighten everything up. I was hesitant but decided to do through with the procedure. After all I am not getting any younger. Long story short and after a hick-up with a GI Bleed I look great. I have a before and after shot and you should see the difference. I am thrilled. I went from a 16 to a 10. Don’t think that doesn’t make me feel good. Thank you Dr. Kenkel and staff.

I believe that Dr. Kenkel is highly skilled and knowledgeable about his practice. As a result of his knowledge and skills, I feel pretty. He keeps me well maintained so that I don’t look my age and I have a natural look. The Ulthera treatment was painless and it appears to be working as desired.

“Hi Dr. Kenkel, I know I’ve already thanked you once for doing such a WONDERFUL job on my surgery, but I feel compelled to thank you again. After seeing you Monday and being taken care of, I feel so grateful for your skill and expertise. I was very worried about how I was going to look after surgery, but I couldn’t be happier. I am so happy that I made such a positive life changing choice. My self-esteem has skyrocketed and I feel so much better (though I am still getting the headaches….) As busy as you must be, you still take the time to make me feel important and cared for. I am so blessed to have such an amazing doctor! On a side note, I have a few friends who are considering the same surgery and I’ve urged them to choose you as their doctor. I know they will be as happy as I am. Have a wonderful day!”
— T.D.

“I have had several treatments by Dr. Kenkel including Ulthera and Fraxel. I lived in El Paso at the time and was happy to travel to Dallas to get the best care possible. I now live in Houston and still travel to Dallas. Dr. Kenkel’s staff is awesome…always friendly and ready to answer any questions. As for Dr. Kenkel….he always gives the patient his full attention…never gives the impression that he is in a hurry (which I’m sure he is) and is always friendly and smiling.”
— C.T.

“Dr. Kenkel is a very warm and gentle Dr. I have had injectables in my face numerous times with Dr. Kenkel. I keep going back because my experience is always fantastic. Dr. Kenkel is so gentle I barely feel any pain and my results are exceptional. I may have some liposuction next year and know I will have Dr. Kenkel do my surgery.”
— Mona

“My experience with Dr. Kenkel and his staff was superb. Having been in the plastic surgery field for over 20 years, I can say that my visits could not have been better. Dr. Kenkel was punctual, attentive to my concerns, honest, and most importantly didn’t try to talk me into something that I didn’t need. I wish I had found this practice many years ago. I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful Dr. and staff, seriously.”

“I am a Texan living overseas in The Netherlands. In November 2007 I underwent weight loss surgery which resulted in the need for corrective plastic surgery (body contouring surgery). I knew that I wanted to have my surgery in Texas and so I made appointments with several surgeons in the Dallas area and flew to Texas to make my choice. At the advice of the very first surgeon I visited I went to Dr. Kenkel and I never looked back. The surgeon said to me, “If you were my sister I would tell you to go to Dr. Kenkel”. After choosing him as my Doctor I now know why. I had a limited time to visit surgeons to make my choice and even though I had not scheduled ahead of time with Dr. Kenkel he found time to see me, even during a busy travel schedule. He took time during my first consultation to discuss the procedures that would benefit me with my safety always the main factor. He spent as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions and continued to do so by e-mail when I was back in Europe. The day of my surgery every effort was made by the nurses and staff at the outpatient clinic to make me comfortable and relaxed prior to surgery. Every person who helped me that morning, from the admitting nurse to the anesthesiologist, provided me with excellent care. For my recovery I stayed at the Medallion Guest Suites which are located within the Outpatient Clinic at UT Southwestern. The standard of care and quality of the nursing staff at the Medallion Guest Suites is high and in fact I think the best I have received. It was also comforting that my husband was able to stay with me at the suites during that time. Words cannot really express how happy I am that I chose Dr. Kenkel as my Doctor. Looking at the results he is obviously a talented and gifted surgeon. He was always prompt (and often even early) for all of my appointments. I really liked that I had the same nurse at each follow-up with Dr. Kenkel after my surgery because I felt the nurses also really care and want to follow the patient’s progress during recovery. All of nursing staff in his practice were very kind and generous with their time. My nurse was Marjorie and she was really very special to me after the weeks I spent recovering and visiting for check-ups. Within a few months I will return to Dr. Kenkel for further plastic surgery to complete my body contouring procedures. Equally important to me is that Dr. Kenkel is just a kind and genuine person and you can tell that he really cares about the wellbeing of his patients. He took every extra step to take care of me and put my well-being first. If you have a need for plastic surgeon, then I would recommend that you visit with Dr. Kenkel. After having gone through my surgery and many appointments with him I can completely agree with the surgeon who back at the beginning of my journey said to me, “If you were my sister I would tell you to go to Dr. Kenkel”. His skill as a surgeon has changed my life but his patience, personality and generosity have made him much more than just a Doctor to me. Dr. Kenkel is very special to me and I am eternally grateful that another plastic surgeon had the integrity to send me to Dr. Kenkel as the best in this field.”
— L.P.

“My experience with Dr. Kenkel & his entire staff is always fantastic! Dr. Kenkel is professional, attentive, punctual, knowledgeable & the BEST at what he does. He has performed several procedures on me from something so little as removing a mole from my face, to laser treatment for spider veins on my legs & breast augmentation. I have always been 100% thrilled with my results! Dr. Kenkel will never push you towards an unneeded or unnecessary procedure & he always gives his honest professional opinion. Dr. Kenkel & his staff helped me look & feel my absolute best for my recent wedding…I highly recommend him!”
— J.H.

“Dr. Kenkel has earned my total trust and confidence. I have had other plastic surgeons before that were a little too opinionated. He has made me feel so comfortable every time I am in his office. He is extremely professional and confident in his advice. I would recommend him and his staff to ANYONE. If you need any type of plastic surgery, I would go to Dr. Kenkel first. You will not be disappointed.”
— Susan

“Everything that has already been posted and more! Dr. Kenkel is a professional, caring “miracle worker.” The entire experience from the initial interview to my overnight stay in the Medallion Suites went smoothly. Truly, I can’t say enough good things about him, the entire experience but most importantly, my results! I am only 4 months out and I look and feel fantastic – I wish I had done this for myself years ago. Truly, you can proceed with confidence if you choose Dr. Kenkel as your surgeon. I highly recommend him, his staff and UT Southwestern Medical Center.”
— M.G.

“I have had four procedures with Dr Kenkel. Could not have asked for better experiences. From the initial appointments to the post op care- it was wonderful. Great facility and everyone was so professional and courteous…most of all, the results are amazing.”
— J.L.

“Your staff is wonderful! They made me feel comfortable every step of the way. My friends say my lips look great and so natural. I love them! Thank you Dr. Kenkel.”
— H.P.

“My breast surgery went better than I could have expected. I should of had it done a long time ago. I have never regretted having it done. Dr. Kenkel is a wonderful physician.”
— Y.G.