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TRENDING: 4 office based procedures for men

trending: 4 office based procedures for men

In the past decade, men have turned to plastic surgical procedures more than ever.  We have seen a similar change in the percentage of men seeking cosmetic procedures in our practice.  In my practice a decade ago, men occupied less than 5% of the patients I treated.  Today, it is closer to 15%.  One-third of the patients that visit my … Read More

zoom-phobias? 5 things I notice about myself online

I wish I could tell you that the number of hours I spend on zoom/teams has improved this summer, but I cannot.  As most of us know, there has never been so much personal face time as we all have today.  Prior to March of 2020, I looked in the mirror about once a day and that was it.  Sure, … Read More

Taking the Mask Off? 5 Things to Consider

Taking the Mask Off_ 5 Things to Consider

We know it is coming, we just don’t know when.  With everyone eligible to get the vaccine in Texas, we are all longing and hopeful that a time will come when we can be around others without our masks.  Whether you are preparing for a time in the future, liberated from your mask or simply trying to determine how to … Read More

considering neck lipo? natural results that WOW!

neck lipo natural results that WOW

Call it what you want: double chin, waddle, turkey neck…… We all know what you mean.  Fullness underneath our chin is far from desirable and has never been put in the limelight as it has more recently, originally with “selfies” and lately through online and virtual calls. We learned to diminish its impact by taking selfies from “above”.  This concept, … Read More

beep beep! all about BMers

Dr. Kenkel with his BMWs

Like most young boys in the late 60’s and 70’s I was fascinated with cars. I have vivid memories of playing with my Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars most days growing up.  As I entered my teenage years, my interest morphed from toy cars to the real thing.  One of my best friends growing up lived across the street and … Read More

Face Forward: 3 Areas Men Focus On

Face forward: 3 areas men focus on

We are seeing more men interested in facelift surgery and nonsurgical options at our Dallas practice than ever before. In many ways, the pandemic has opened up the opportunity for many patients who could not “afford” the downtime in the past. Being away from work for 2 to 3 weeks was not an option for many. That has all changed, … Read More

Zooming In: Outside of the Mask

Zooming in outside the mask

Given the major changes we have experienced in our lives since March, we have all had to adapt in many different ways both professionally and personally.  It seems like we have two faces to present to the world these days.  We have our online or virtual face, largely seen at home with our family, and online for virtual meetings and … Read More

Safety First: Responding to the 2nd Wave of Covid 19

safety first: responding to the 2nd wave of COIVD-19

Safety First: Responding to the 2nd Wave of Covid 19 Towards the end of the first week in June, we experienced a second wave of COVID positive cases being reported. The daily cases reported jumped from 638 cases on June 8th to 2504 and a peak of nearly 6000 new cases of Coronavirus reported in Dallas County on June 23rd. … Read More

Managing the Constant Changes: Staying Healthy and Happy During Stressful Times

4 tips for staying healthy and happy during stressful times

4 tips for Staying Healthy and Happy During Stressful Times Don’t get down and depressed!  Focus on self-care! Life carries with its unique stresses that affect each of us every day.  These can be both personal and professional pressures.  We learn to cope with these situational demands to navigate through our day.  Enter: A pandemic, that most of us had … Read More

Giving THANKS after 8 weeks of the COVID Pandemic

Kenkel blog COVID

Giving THANKS after 8 weeks of the COVID Pandemic This week marks the eighth week away from my plastic surgery practice.  We have now opened our clinic back up and are seeing patients and are ready for you!  It is incredible to note that I have taken my longest hiatus from surgery in over 30 years.  In fact, this break from clinical … Read More