Injection Update: What’s New and Is It Right for You?

This past year, we have seen several new products enter the market for use.  Like many of the current products available, most have a history in Europe and around the globe but still need to go through the rigorous FDA approval process. While adding new products creates some confusion for both physicians and patients alike, I personally love more products. This allows more choices and specificity for each of our patient’s needs. Below, I will outline several new additions we have and how they might benefit patients. 

Dr. Kenkel has the new product, Daxxify in the office!
Dr. Kenkel holds the one of the newest products, Daxxify (an alternative to Botox)


Daxxify (daxibotulinumA) is a new alternative to Botox and other “toxin” products on the market.  Like the other products available it is approved to treat and prevent wrinkles and frown lines in the glabella (the 11’s which occur between one’s brows).  Like many of the other products available, it can be used “off-label” by your doctor in other areas.  It works very similar to other products like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jueveau by blocking the activation of specific, targeted nerves in muscles. This creates a weakening of the muscle, reducing the lines we term “dynamic” lines. 

What makes this product different from others? It’s claim to longevity.  The clinical trials suggest this product may last up to six months in many of the patients studied compared to an average of approximately three months with most of the other products.

Daxxify is not necessarily better, but a new product that offers something different that may be appealing to some patients.  For some, not having to come to the doctor’s office quite as many times through the course of the year is appealing. Others prefer a more shorter acting product.  The product is more expensive, but it does last longer, so in some cases over the course of a year, it may be cheaper than some of the alternatives. 

I do not like to use Daxxify as a treatment in new patients.  I always tell my patients, choosing their dose is an educated guess based on the strength of their muscles. Usually once we treat a patient and follow up with them, we have a roadmap of what works best for that individual.  On rare occasion, a patient’s brow may wind up a bit lower than we would like.  Usually within a couple weeks this improves.  If this happens with Daxxify, this could last even longer.  Another great reason to choose a provider who has experience in injections and specifically Daxxify.

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Volux is a new filler in the Juvederm family which is FDA approved for jawline enhancement, including the chin and jowl area.  It is the first hyaluronic acid filler (HA) approved for improving the jawline shape.  The product is designed to help “lift” and define this area.  This is important in some patients as loss of volume along the jawline occurs and may accentuate the “jowl” area.  It appears this product may last between six and nine months in this area.  The addition of this product and its specific approval adds to our portfolio giving us even more options to lift and better define this area.

Restylane Eyelight

This product was recently FDA approved to treat the undereye hollows or dark shadows.  As we have discussed in the past, there are several causes of dark circles under our eyes that make us look tired.  This product helps us treat a common reason:  loss of volume with age.  As we lose volume in this area it creates a depression that is also “highlighted” by shadowing further accentuating the “tired” appearance.  Other causes include pigmentation, the presence of blood vessels in the skin or in fair patients, visibility of the underlying muscle.  While many of us have been using Restylane in this area for years, the approval confirms its safety and efficacy in well controlled studies.  Injecting this area is a good bridge allowing many to put off a surgical intervention. 

Dr. Kenkel injects a patient in his Dallas Clinic

Hyperdilute Radiesse

While Radiesse is not a new product on the market, its use in this form is.  While my experience is early with this technique using Radiesse, I do feel there may be a role for it in certain areas such as the lower neck and chest.  Its goal is to improve skin rejuvenation enhancing both collagen and elastin in the area. It has been described for use in other areas such as the buttock, thighs, arms, knees and elbows.  As mentioned, Radiesse is not a new product (FDA approved in 2006 as a facial filler).  It is made of something called calcium hydroxyapatite.  It stimulates the production of collagen within the tissues. 

When diluted, it provides much less “fill volume” and serves primarily as a “stimulation” agent enhancing skin quality and texture.  As with other filler products, it is injected with a cannula and not a needle and is well tolerated by patients.  Following the treatment, we massage the area for about five minutes and ask the patient to do so twice daily for a week’s time to help with the healing and spreading process.  Results may require a few treatment sessions and take an additional three to six months for optimal outcomes. As with other products, patients may experience some swelling and even bruising from the treatments.

We are excited to bring these products into our practice and provide patients with even more options to help them achieve their goals.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kenkel please click here or call 214-645-2353. 

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