Dr. Kenkel’s New Role & What It Means for Our Patients

dr kenkel smiling becuase he is the new editor-in-cheif of the American Surgery Journal (ASJ)

Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel has taken the helm as the new editor-in-chief of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ). His role marks an exciting advancement for him and benefits everyone who walks through our doors, as they will have access to the latest and most advanced aesthetic care.

ASJ: Shaping the Future of Cosmetic Medicine

ASJ isn’t just another medical journal—it’s a leader in the aesthetic arena. It is renowned for steering the course of both cosmetic medicine and surgery with its rich array of in-depth research and innovative practices.

Holding the highest impact factor in its category, ASJ serves as a critical resource for discovering pioneering surgical techniques. With Dr. Kenkel at the helm, the journal is poised to advance cosmetic surgery even further.

A Fresh Perspective on Medical Excellence

Diving headfirst into new challenges and not just playing it safe, Dr. Kenkel channels his dynamic approach into spearheading cutting-edge developments at ASJ. Building on his predecessor’s successes, Dr. Kenkel’s leadership promises to progress in how we enhance patient care and outcomes.

Deep Roots in Medical Leadership and Achievement

A seasoned leader in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Kenkel has chaired the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern and presided over The Aesthetic Society. His profound knowledge of surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation directly enriches the care we provide, ensuring our treatments are grounded in the latest and most effective methods.

Linking Global Research with Local Care

Dr. Kenkel’s leadership at ASJ is set to broaden the journal’s international scope and embrace the digital revolution, making cutting-edge research accessible worldwide. This means that the innovations shaping global cosmetic surgery are the same ones refining your personal care plan here at home. We’re bringing world-class surgical advancements right to your treatment room.

Personal Touches and Innovative Initiatives

Beyond his editorial duties, Dr. Kenkel is passionate about making aesthetic surgery accessible and understandable. With initiatives aimed at enhancing journal accessibility through open-access publications and multilingual content, he’s committed to making sure everyone can benefit from the latest research.

How Dr. Kenkel’s ASJ Role Enhances Your Care & Results

Dr. Kenkel has a particular affinity for procedures that transform lives up close—such as facelifts, eyelid lifts, and comprehensive facial rejuvenation. His involvement with ASJ not only keeps him at the cutting edge of surgical techniques but also enriches his hands-on work. Each procedure benefits from global insights and the latest innovations, ensuring you receive the most advanced care tailored to your unique needs.

Further, he emphasizes surgical safety and patient education, equipping our team with the knowledge to provide effective, transparent, and reassuring care.

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