Tired eyes? There are several options for you!

Dr. Kenkel patient

Question: I feel like my lower eyelids make me tired. What can I do about that look?

Answer: This is not an uncommon complaint by both men and women.  There are several things that may come into consideration based on our analysis of the lower lid.  We will first look at the skin and determine whether there is extra skin or even a “crepe like” appearance to the skin.  Options may include everything from peels to lasers to surgical excision.  For the “dark circles” we have to determine the cause.  Pigment, thin skin with “show” of the underlying muscle, shadowing due to loss of fat or swelling may all be causes for “darkness” and can be addressed with things such as skin care, lasers or filler products.  Puffiness or baggy lower eyelids are often due to bulging of the underlying fat and may require surgical removal. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, here at our Dallas office is popular for this indication. It is important to see a board-certified plastic surgeon so that the exact cause may be determined.

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