Which Filler is Best for Me?

Dr. Kenkel injecting

Question:  “How do I know what filler is best for me?”

Answer: This is a great question.  While we do not have quite as many filler products as physicians do abroad we are starting to see a growth in options – which is a good thing!

We now have more flexibility and options when it comes to fillers, so we can choose the right filler product for the right area on each individual patient. Most of the time, I prefer to use a product made out of hyaluronic acid as it is safe, there are plenty of options, and it is reversible if it needs to be removed for any reason. When choosing a certain filler for a patient, one of the first things we do is determine what the patient’s goals are. Do we want a product to fill a line? Plump out a structure? Restore lost volume and lift tissues?  Based on the patient’s answers to these questions, we can choose a product that will accomplish their goal in a safe and reproducible manner.

We inject our fillers in the office. We use a topical anesthesia and ice as “numbing” agents. Most patients tolerate the pain very well. Depending on the product there may be a day or 2 of swelling.  Our patients are fine to use makeup or work out 3 to 4 hours after their treatment. We try to keep bruising down to a minimum, but it is always a risk of these procedures.

Longevity of the product depends on the type of filler and what part of the face is treated.

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