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Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel's Blog

Which Filler is Best for Me?

Question:  “How do I know what filler is best for me?” Answer: This is a great question.  While we do not have quite as many filler products as physicians do abroad we are starting to see a growth in options – which is a good thing! We now have more flexibility and options when it comes to fillers, so we … Read More

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Change Your Life

Dr. Kenkel and Patient both smiling and happy

Question: “What type of recovery can I expect after my breast reduction?” Answer: Breast reduction surgery is life changing!  As with any surgery, there will be some incisional discomfort but most patients tell me all of the symptoms they had prior to surgery are gone, even in the recovery room. We do not use drains so one should expect some … Read More

What’s the Right Age for a Facelift?

Question:  When is the best time to consider a facelift? Answer:  I tell my Dallas facelift patients that there is no ideal age to have any surgical procedure. In general, smaller, earlier changes are not perceived by patients or their friends as a “surgical change” and look more natural. This means when a patient feels like they are losing volume … Read More

How Do I Get Rid of My Double Chin?

Question: I am interested in getting rid of my double chin. What can I do to improve this? Answer:  As with anything the most important thing we do at a consultation is to analyze the area and determine the cause of your “double chin”. Most commonly it is due to fat in the area.   Other less common causes may be … Read More

Recommendations on Tired Looking Skin

Question: I feel like my skin looks tired. What can I do to make it look better ? Answer: Many patients come in looking for a quick fix with a laser treatment to help their skin. While that may improve things more acutely, a commitment to skin care will allow one to maintain results from treatment and in some cases may be … Read More

Dr. Kenkel Answers a Real Patient Question on Botox and Fillers

Question: I have a big party to go to and I want to get injections. How soon before the event should I get fillers/Botox? What is the ideal timing? Answer: This is an important question. For botulinum toxin, the onset of action is anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days and may take up to a full week, depending on the … Read More

Removing Male Breast Tissue (gynecomastia)?

Smiling Muscular Man with Towel Over Shoulder

Question: What are the options removing unwanted male breast tissue (gynecomastia)? What is the recovery time? Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Kenkel answers: Gynecomastia can occur in young, middle-aged, and older men due to a number of things. It is most commonly due to weight changes or persistent breast tissue growth during puberty but can be due to medications among other … Read More

What are my options to get fuller, plumper lips and how long does it last?

  The safest option, in my opinion, to get fuller, plumper lips are the hyaluronic acid filler products.  There are several products that work well in this area including the Juvederm products, Belotero and the newly released Restylane Silk product that is currently the only product FDA approved for the treatment of lip volume and lines. In the right hands, … Read More