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Want a Non-Surgical Nose Job with Filler?

Question: I have a bump on my nose, what are my options? Can I use a filler?

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Kenkel answers:

The cause of the “bump” can be due to trauma or even something you are born with. Bumps can be either bone or cartilage in nature or a combination of both.

When we see a patient to evaluate the nose, we perform a detailed analysis of the nose and face and determine what may look best on a specific patient’s face so their “new” nose fits their face, bone structure, and ethnicity.

Making this correction often involves surgery to take down the hump and may include some adjustment of the nasal bones.

In some cases, we may be able to camouflage the hump by adding a filler product around it. Patients may experience one year of improvement with filler augmentation.    

How Does the Filler Work?

Juvéderm is a good option for someone who is new to nonsurgical rhinoplasty.  Smoothing out the bumps on the nose is accomplished by adding the filler above the hump. In a similar fashion, filler can be used to add volume to the tip of the nose to add symmetry, and smooth out the shape to better match the bridge of the nose. If you are looking to achieve a smaller appearance, then the nonsurgical option may not be for you.

Many of our Dallas patients consider a nonsurgical nose job because they may not be ready to undergo surgery while others simply don’t know what they want their end result to look like. This is something that we will help you determine during your consultation, so that we achieve natural, realistic results.

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