Facial Plastic Surgery

At Dr. Kenkel's practice in Dallas, Texas, we understand that facial aging is a complicated process that involves many variables — some of which we can control and others that are just part of the natural progression of life. Of course, just because something is out of our control doesn't mean we can't fight it. Many of us feel that our appearance is not really reflective of how we feel on the inside. Cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery allow us to bring our looks into harmony with our internal energy.

To learn more about what you can do to slow down the signs of aging, request a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel online or call our office at (214) 645-3112 to set up an appointment.

Surgical Options

Dr. Kenkel is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which distinguishes his training and credentials from many other doctors. Considered one of the best facial plastic surgeons in Dallas, Dr. Kenkel takes a hands-on approach with every patient and enjoys developing personal relationships with them. He and his staff aim to always make themselves available whenever their patients need them.

About Facial Aging

Facial aging can be broken down into 3 key components:

  1. Surface changes as the result of being exposed to the elements such as sun and wind
  2. Volume loss caused by the gradual loss of volume in certain areas of the face
  3. Skin laxity and sagging, which is often caused by both #1 and #2

A detailed analysis of your face allows Dr. Kenkel to determine exactly what aspects of your appearance may benefit from a treatment tailored to your specific needs.

Because there are so many different ways to enhance your appearance, the choice becomes quite personal. Options include everything from basic skin care to the use of nonsurgical injectables to surgical intervention. During your consultation, Dr. Kenkel sits down with you to discuss your concerns and goals at length. You work together, exploring the spectrum of treatment options available to you and which procedures will best help you achieve your personal goals.