Fall into Healthier Habits: 5 Things You Can Do After Summer

Tips for getting and maintaining healthy skin after summer!

Fall into Healthier Habits: 5 Things You Can Do After Summer

  1. Skin care – get back to your care regimen
  2. Hydrate and revive neglected areas – chest, hands, and feet
  3. Treatment – SkinPen®, IPL, mild peel
  4. Boost nutrition with healthy, seasonal foods
  5. Begin a “Fall Fitness” challenge

We all love the summer! The outdoors, fun activities, water sports, tee shirts, shorts, flip-flops and of course, wakesurfing! Summer also means heat and sun exposure. We have great sun blocks and antioxidants that we can use on our skin to help protect us from the elements but some sun exposure and skin changes just happen. In fact, because we live in Texas, exposure can be a year-round process. There are a few things we can do to help reverse the actinic changes we often see following summer.

1. Get back on your more aggressive skin care regimen.

Many of us (including me) take a break from some of our skin care products because they do make us a bit more sun sensitive, increasing our risk for skin irritation. I, with many of my patients, stop or cut back on retinoids and peeling agents to help decrease this irritation and sensitivity during the summer months. During Fall, it’s important to resume our regimen as well as add other agents to help us better recover from the sun exposure of the summer.

Remember these elements are key components to any skin care program:

  • Sunblock
  • Cleanser
  • Retinoid
  • Antioxidants
  • Pigment suppresser (if needed)
  • Moisturizer (when needed)

For more details about healthy skin and product recommendations, view our Healthy Skin Patient Guide!

2. Pay attention to those neglected areas: chest, hands, and feet.

Our chest, hands, and feet are much more exposed during the summer months and frequently become dry and even chapped. It is important to be aggressive with hydration using heavier moisturizers. These not only help hydrate the skin but also help the skin retain its moisture. These products will help re-hydrate the skin improving its appearance and softening it. These overlooked areas may also benefit from a non-surgical treatment at one of our clinics in Dallas or Frisco.

3. Consider an office-based treatment to help improve the superficial appearance of the skin.

Many of our patients return after the summer for a “pick me up”. Common treatments our patients seek:

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) – Light-based treatments target reds and browns in our skin, helping make the skin more uniform in color and also improving the texture and quality of the skin with minimal downtime. Patients may require 2-5 treatments spaced out by 3-4 weeks per treatment.

This 60 year old female patient (pictured below) underwent a series of IPL treatments of her chest.

Before and after photos of a Dallas IPL patient's chest.

This 60 year old female (pictured above) who underwent 3 treatments of her hands with IPL treatments enjoyed nice improvement of the pigmentation of her hands.

  • Mild Peeling Agents – Mild acid peels that often require only a two-day peel but help eliminate the outer area of the skin, where most of our sun damage occurs. A light peeling agent twice a year is always a good idea.
  • Treatment of redness and blood vessels Some patients may develop small blood vessels or redness in areas with sun damage. We have several devices in the practice, including IPL and our vascular lasers that can help improve affected skin. Downtime is limited following treatments and may require 2-3 treatments monthly.
  • SkinPen® Microneedling of the skin to generate collagen and elastin helps to improve the quality and texture of the skin. The recovery is comparable to a two-day peel with the first 24 hours appearing like a sun burn and then the ensuing 48 hours characterized by a fine peel. In some cases, this may be repeated 2-3 months later for the best result.  (see below for video on the new SkinPen® treatment)

4. Watch What You Eat.

Most of us are a bit more health conscious in the summer months due to the outdoor activities, more revealing clothing, and the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. This should not stop just because Fall begins and the Texas State Fair announces its latest temptations! Always think of food as fuel. Shoot for eating “right” 75% of the time. Add healthy seasonal carbs such as squashes and pumpkin, and keep eating lean protein. Don’t forget to add healthy fats such as nuts and avocado for a balanced meal.

5. Consider a “Fall Fitness” Challenge.

Now that the hotter summer days have passed, find activities that interest you and keep you inspired during the cooler months. Push yourself and set some cool-weather goals. There are so many things you can do to help motivate yourself and keep your mind and body healthy. It could be a fun 5K run, perhaps the Turkey Trot! Reintroduce weight training to your body. I know when I started Crossfit several years ago, that is what I enjoyed the most. It helps your muscles, mind, and bones! Just create some resistance for your body by climbing the stairs or simply start walking outdoors now that cooler temps make being outside fun again. Whether you listen to music or keep the background quiet, exercise really helps your mind, body, and spirit. Consider challenging yourself and create tangible goals that you can achieve to become your more fit self!

If you’re interested in one of the mentioned treatments at our Dallas or Frisco locations, contact us to request your appointment!

Looking good and feeling well is a full-time job. These are five simple things you can do to help you achieve those results and fight the aging process. I know I am!

Dr. Kenkel with a patient

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