What are my options to get fuller, plumper lips and how long does it last?

Jeffrey Kenkel, MD


The safest option, in my opinion, to get fuller, plumper lips are the hyaluronic acid filler products.  There are several products that work well in this area including the Juvederm products, Belotero and the newly released Restylane Silk product that is currently the only product FDA approved for the treatment of lip volume and lines.

In the right hands, lip augmentation does not have to result in that look we have all seen…..duck lips!  We can shape your lips based on your needs. This may include adding volume, increasing projection, or highlight the lips. The procedure is relatively painless. We use a topical anesthetic and ice to help with our patients comfort.  A small amount of swelling may be experienced for a day or two.

Injection of these products in the lips should give patients a desired change for approximately 6 months. From a safety standpoint, you can’t go wrong with hyaluronic acid fillers as they can be dissolved or removed with an injection. I have found this to be very reassuring to first time patients.

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