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My skin seems to droop and I have lost volume and contour in my face. I feel like I look tired all the time! What can be done to bring back a more youthful look?

Aging effects us in many ways. Superficially our skin can become pigmented and develops lines. As we age we lose volume in our face which decreases our facial contours and may result in further sagging.  As the first two occur we can get loss of elasticity and deflation which causes our skin to sag.  Looking tired may be due to … Read More

Loose Skin Around the Neck and Face: Your Options

Patients often ask what they can do about loose skin on their necks. Although the concern is not new, it’s certainly being highlighted, especially in the age of selfies. One of the reasons selfies always look worse is because we are looking downward in many of those pictures, and regardless of our age we may notice some loose skin! Treatments vary … Read More

Temporary vs permanent filler is one better?

Like with anything we do, the risks and benefits must be weighed and tilted toward the “benefit” side. While there is the advantage of not needing multiple treatments with a so called “ permanent” filler, there are downsides.The face is constantly changing and with that, filler placed today may not be right a few years down the road. Additionally, permanent … Read More

What are the different types of Liposuction? I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Smart Lipo- What are your thoughts?

There are many different “tools” that surgeons use to perform liposuction In a survey we performed of board certified aesthetic plastic surgeons, we found >75% used some form of “traditional liposuction” This involves a hollow cannula that is connected to a vacuum and removes fat. Other devices included ultrasound, laser, water assisted devices All work at removing or destroying fat. … Read More

Dr. Kenkel, I am considering a breast augmentation and want to be bikini ready for summer. What is the recovery time and will I be able to hit the beach by summertime?

Recovery following breast augmentation does not require a significant amount of downtime. You will experience some discomfort and/or soreness during the first week after the procedure. Some patients require a pain pill or two the first day but most do fine with ibuprofen or tylenol. During the first 2 weeks we do not allow you to get your heart rate … Read More

Voluma- How does it compare to other fillers?

Voluma is a new hyaluronic acid injectable filler in the “Juvederm” family. It is the only filler approved for temporary correction of age related volume loss. Their studies show when dosed correctly improvement may be maintained for up to two years. We were part of their pivotal study and watched patients for that time period. We had very high patient … Read More

what is the best way to improve the appearance of my acne scars?

This is a great question and like most great questions, tough to answer. Our approach is completely dependent on the quality and depth of the scars and what type (color) skin an individual may have. In some cases lasers may help us improve the appearance of the scar. In others, we may elect to use a laser and filler some … Read More

Is it safe to perform liposuction with an abdominoplasty?

We routinely perform the two simultaneously. I have found that the contour of my patients is improved and since combing the two i actually have less healing problems. We always worry about things such as blood clots so we take extra precautions and get you moving the day of your surgery and even in some cases put you on a … Read More