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What are some options to help my loose skin around my neck and face? In photographs, my skin looks droopy and I want to have a more youthful appearance.

I am often asked what can I do with the loose skin I have in my neck? It looks horrible in photos, especially selfies!

One of the reasons selfies always look worse is because we are looking downward in many of those pictures, and regardless of our age we may notice some loose skin!

Treatments vary depending the degree and quality of loose skin?; whether muscular bands are involved?; how much fat is present?
There are non-surgical and surgical options:

*Nonsurgical – these are reserved for patients with early changes in skin, minimum to mild fat and muscle bands in the central neck

*Surgery – lower facelift/necklift vs full face lift. A lower facelift/ neck lift addresses the jawline and neck, a full face addresses the central cheek as well.


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