maintenance treatments featuring TWO NEW DEVICES!

2 new devices

Maintenance – to keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency or validity): preserve from failure or decline.  Merrian-Webster

Not many things in the world do not benefit from a little maintenance.  Include all of us, in that category.  Medically, there are simple and more complex options to preserve ourselves.  In some cases that may even mean surgery.  When discussing the skin, sometimes maintenance simply is not enough to achieve the desired outcome.  In that case, we offer more aggressive treatments that may involve peeling agents, needling and lasers.  Once completed, it is imperative that we continue to “maintain” our skin allowing us to preserve our skin.  In some patients who are younger or have protected their skin, maintenance treatments may be the first step to skin rejuvenation.

We are very excited to have two new devices that will allow our patients to achieve just that.  Now is the perfect time to consider a program that helps reverse the aging affects we all experience during the warmer months. No matter how good we are at protecting our skin from the elements, we all experience some changes in our skin related to sun exposure.

HERO  Most of our patients our familiar with Broad Band Light (BBL) or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.  These are light-based treatments designed to treat the reds and browns in our skin which also seem to improve the texture of our skin.  Most of our patients undergo anywhere from 3-5 treatments to reverse some of the signs of aging and achieve a more consistent color of our skin.   This new platform is a huge advancement for our patients.  It allows us to get a more homogenous treatment, faster and with less energy which means less discomfort.  For most of our patients, this means no need for a topical anesthetic.  We are treating all areas including the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.  Recovery is minimal and may involve some transient redness and some mild, initial darkening of pigment that peels off.

MOXI  This new non-ablative laser (no wounds to heal) is a very mild treatment that helps improve the texture and pigment of our skin and leaves the patient with a nice “glowing” appearance.  It deposits energy deeper in our skin, stimulating it to “heal” in a way that softens our appearance and helps improve some of our pigment.  Recovery from Moxi is minimal.  There will be mild redness for a few hours followed by a fine, coarseness to the skin associated with a peel for the next couple of days.  The peel is so fine, most will not even notice it!

What makes the “maintenance” even simpler is that these two procedures can be combined at a single session.  Treatment of the face and neck with both devices takes about 20 minutes to perform.  We have you resume your skin care regimen within a couple of days and there are absolutely no restrictions on your activities.

before and after treatments
before and after treatments

Our whole skin care team is very excited about these two new devices we have in our practice.  Should you be interested in scheduling a treatment, or seeing us for a skin evaluation please reach out to us here for a consultation.

get the glow!
get the glow!

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