In the Media

As one of the best-known plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel is often asked to share his insights with various electronic and print media outlets. We've compiled this list of news stories and articles which feature Dr. Kenkel's professional commentary so you can get a sense of the breadth of his expertise.

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Dr. Kenkel named one of D Magazine's 2018 Best Doctors

ABC News: Former World's Fattest Man Fights for Skin Removal Surgery

Los Angeles Times: Dr. Kenkel responds to an op-ed article that proposes a ban on cosmetic surgery.

HealthCanal: Plastic Surgery Commends USA Today's Excellent Reporting On Patient Safety Risks and Cosmetic Surgery

The Mercury News: Options growing for surgery-free cosmetic treatments

The Huffington Post: Dangerous? Keeping an Eye On Trendy Cosmetic Surgeries

The Wall Street Journal: Gym, Check. Diet, Check. Face, Lift

The Dallas Morning News: UTSW professor to lead surgery society

Los Angeles Times: Freezing fat might shrink it

U.S. News & World Report: CoolSculpting and Zerona: Body Sculpting Without Surgery

The New York Times: Zap or Chill? Targeting Fat Without Surgery

WebMD: Small Study Shows Lipodissolve Works

The New York Times: Newly Petite in Skin That's XL


Allure: Anti-Aging News: Recovery From Laser Treatments

Allure Magazine: The Latest in Lipo

Industry Publications

Digital Journal: Plastic Surgery Wrapped with a Bow?

ASAPS: Texas Plastic Surgeon is the New President of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Southwestern Medicine: New Contours