Dr. Kenkel, My skin is sun-damaged and wrinkled around my eyes and mouth. What can I do to look more youthful?

Jeffrey Kenkel, MD

The elements definitely take a toll on our skin but we can fight it!
First and foremost daily sunblock must be used 12 months out of the year!
One can get sun and uv exposure even when it is overcast.
As a general rule most patients should be on the following at a minmum:

1. Sunblock
2. Good daily cleanser
3. Retinoid product
4. Anti-oxidant

Depending on the type of line, we also use botulinum toxin, injectable fillers and even laser resurfacing to help with improvement in these areas. Depending on what each individual’s goals are and whether they are willing to accept any downtime may direct their care. inside_photo_laser

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