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What options do I have to treat my “man boobs”?

Gynecomastia Before and After

Question: What options do I have to treat my “man boobs”?

Dr. Kenkel answers:

Gynecomastia or “an increased size of the male breast” is a common disorder that we see frequently in our practice. Up to 70% of adolescent boys have gynecomastia during puberty. The vast majority of these resolve within 2 years without any treatment. There are many causes of this disorder including weight gain, hormone imbalances, the use of marijuana, and a side effect of some medications. Once the cause is determined, and if the problem still persists, a consultation with a plastic surgeon may be an option.  Most of the patients we see in our practice have had the problem since adolescence, gained weight, or gained and lost weight.

Based on our assessment of the cause, the type of tissue present, and whether or not there is loose skin associated with it we will recommend a number of different treatment options. These may include liposuction, direct excision through a small incision, or a more extensive excision involving both the breast tissue and some skin if necessary.   Like many things we do, a detailed assessment of each individual is necessary to determine which procedure may be best for each patient.

NOTE: The featured photo series show a 35 year old healthy male that has significant skin laxity and gynecomastia.  He underwent liposuction and direct excision of the tissue and skin through a transverse incision preserving the nipple/areola complex on a skin flap.  He is shown here 8 months following his procedure. 

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