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what is the recovery like following a lower body lift?

A lower body lift is a big operation and has with it an appropriate recovery. We have our body lift patients spend two days with us in our plastic surgery hotel. I like my patients to have someone home with the during their first week after the procedure. During that time you will need to be taking pain medicine on a regular basis. As you transition into the second week, you may require less pain medicine during the day but still will require some at night. We will have you also take ibuprofen or celebrex if possible. These are great pain relievers that are not narcotics.
We will have you walking from day one. This is important to keep your lungs clear and decrease your risk for blood clots.
By the end of the second week/ beginning of third week you may be able to start to drive if you are off of pain medicine.
Remember, recovery is a bit of a roller coaster. You will feel good, do a bit too much, then pay the price the next day!

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