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What are some options to get a more prominent, full posterior?

There are a few options to consider when contemplating buttock enhancement surgery:

Most often discussed is using your body’s own fat to further enhance your back side. This means we borrow it ( permanently) from one area and inject it back into the buttock.

This uses your body’s own tissue, which is nice but does have some variability with “fat take” and may even require more than a single operation.

We often accentuate the buttock contour by performing liposuction of the hip and outer thigh area (when necessary) which further highlights this area

Alternatively one can consider the use of implants in this region. They are predictable in achieving shape but have the downside of being an implant that ultimately will require replacement.

We tailor these choices to the individual’s need.  It is important to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can best determine what may be right for you

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