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Losing the Last 5-10 lbs of Stubborn Fat — What Are the Options?

Fuel your body by eating healthy. Try the adaptive method.

Question: Working out and diet can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn fat and the last 5-10lbs.  What are the options?

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Kenkel answers:

I have learned a lot about nutrition by reading but also by listening. Tyler Nicholson and Kia Wright from Adaptive Nutrition have really influenced me and allowed me to better understand nutrition.

Tyler once told me to think of food as fuel for your body, and every time you put something in your mouth it should have a purpose. The Adaptive Nutrition program simplifies what you should eat.

Eating correctly allows you to lose weight and become leaner. Maybe even more important, it allows you to have more energy and feel better. (I can’t stand the word “diet.”)

See the attached “Adaptive Method.” I shoot for 80% compliance, understanding that I may go to dinner and have a dessert or break down and have some French fries.  That is fine. Just recognize what you have to do to get back on track. This works, give it a try.

This is a fantastic question! I am fascinated with nutrition and the importance to our general wellness.  For more information please visit or follow on Instagram here!

 The adaptive method for eating healthy.

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