Safety First: Responding to the 2nd Wave of Covid 19

safety first: responding to the 2nd wave of COIVD-19

Safety First: Responding to the 2nd Wave of Covid 19

Towards the end of the first week in June, we experienced a second wave of COVID positive cases being reported. The daily cases reported jumped from 638 cases on June 8th to 2504 and a peak of nearly 6000 new cases of Coronavirus reported in Dallas County on June 23rd. Now into July, we hit the 10,000 mark of daily confirmed cases according to google.   

We have been back to work now for 7 weeks and while life is clearly different, it has been energizing to operate and take care of patients again.

Safely seeing patients again

Safely seeing patients again

With the rise in cases being noted, it was not surprising to hear Governor Abbot’s Executive Order on June 22nd.  Many things were impacted by this step backward including bars, restaurants, hospital-based care and outdoor gatherings and activities.  In many ways, it is not unexpected to see the numbers go up after nearly two months of quarantine and home isolation.  People wanted and needed to start “living” again.  While we did not have the hospitalization numbers seen in other parts of the country, we did see a rise exceeding previous peaks.  This sounded off the alarms and hence the change in the governor’s orders.

I have found the second wave, significant and surprising.  Clearly a different group of individuals are being affected, with a large group of patients less than 50 years of age.  No matter whether you believe the escalation in numbers is more hype than reality, it is imperative that we all take this seriously and do our part to prevent further spread and risk.  Masks are required in Dallas County and the safe practice of social distancing is critical to helping us all stop the progression of the infectious process.

When you come to visit us for an appointment, you will be screened, and your temperature taken.  You will be given a mask if you do not have one. All surgical patients will undergo preoperative COVID testing 72 hours prior to surgery.  We have all worked hard to ensure your visit with us is safe. Check out this video from our leadership team that shows you what we are doing and what to expect during your visit.

We at UT Southwestern have been great stewards of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and maintain capacity in our healthcare network allowing for an increase in hospitalization for those COVID + patients requiring admission.  These patients receive excellent care from our COVID team and remain isolated from the rest of our patients and staff.  Want more info about what we are doing here at UT Southwestern? click here.

Dr. Kenkel's Frisco Team is ready to see you safely!

Dr. Kenkel’s Frisco Team is ready to see you safely!

As the Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery and a treating physician in the Dallas community, you have my reassurance that we will provide you with the most up to date treatment options to help you achieve your goals.  This will be done in our state-of-the-art facility, with all the safety precautions taken to ensure your well-being.  We look forward to treating you safely in our Dallas and Frisco offices. Book your consult here!

Achieving your goals SAFELY

Achieving your goals SAFELY

Managing stress during this time can be difficult. Here are a few tips that can help!

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