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Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel's Blog

what is the best way to get rid of the lines around my mouth?

there are a number of different ways to tackle this problem. In some instances, botulinum toxin and/or the addition of a hyaluronic acid filler can adequate improve this with a limited amount of downtime. A more aggressive approach would be to resurface the area with a laser, to sand these areas down. there is more recovery involved with the latter. … Read More

can you tell me more about zerona

zerona uses a cold laser ( one you don’t feel) to help reduce fat deposits primarily in the abdomen, waist and thighs. We are seeing an average reduction of approximately 1-1.5 inches off the waist in 90% of our patients. Of course patient selection is important and every patient is properly evaluated by myself.

Is the HCG diet effective?

I think the diet is effective. Whether it is effective long term is debatable. The other question I have is whether the weight loss is from HCG or the 500 calorie diet they are on!

Are mommy makeovers safe?

This is an excellent question. In general mommy makeovers refer to breast and abdominal surgery following pregnancy. Safety is the most important thing to consider when planning a surgery. For most patients, doing these two procedures together in an accredited facility is safe. However, I would be cautious about considering these types of procedures in an office based practice. Additionally, … Read More

Lipo results without surgery?

It is true there are two FDA approved devices to treat unwanted fat. They are not surgical replacement however. The results are conservative and really depend on the quality of your overlying skin and how much fat you actually have. The changes are often more noticeable in how clothing fits, not necessarily how you look in the mirror!

What laser works best for wrinkles?

There are so many considerations when trying to address facial wrinkles. We have to determine whether the wrinkles are due to aging and sun damage or whether they are what we term “dynamic lines” which form from the muscles underneath. We tailor your treatment based on what your goals are and what type of recovery you can afford to have. … Read More

What is the recovery like from facelift surgery?

We try to plan to get our facelift patients back in public in the first two weeks after their surgery. Obviously there are many factors to consider. In general, when the eyes are treated as well, recovery may be a bit longer. However, with make up (which you can wear after your sutures are removed the end of your first … Read More

What is your opinion on laser lypolisis and smart lipo?

This is a tough question to answer here. The short answer is I am not convinced by the data that has been published that using a laser to treat fat and potentially overlying skin is a safe, reliable, and reproducible way to perform body contouring. The good science that has been published would suggest there isn’t a distinct advantage. The … Read More

How should I deal with active acne and acne scars?

Thank you for contacting me about your concern. I agree completely with you that we want to get better control of your active acne. This is done in a number of ways beginning with a good cleanser and my preference an battery brush to help cleanse. We will often put you on some topical agents to help with this as … Read More