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no improvement after IPL

Remember that the first treatment is 50% efficacy and 50% safety. We have to determine a safe setting to start with so we tend to be conservative when we first start treating you. Treatments with minimal downtime often require multiple applications in order to achieve your end result. IPL is still our most popular procedure in the office

skin care when you are young, is it helpful?

How young is too young to start using anti-aging products? Could using anti-aging products when you are too young have negative affects on the skin?”when you are young we usually just start with a good cleanser and sunblock. If acne is a problem we may elect to put you on some other product, even Retin-A”

Will liposuction tighten my skin as well as remove fat?

Regardless of the instrument or specific tool used, always keep in mind that liposuction is primarily a fat removal procedure, not a skin tightening procedure. The key to a successful result is the physician and the patient, not the specific tool or instrument used.

Can a general surgeon perform liposuction?

A general surgeon may be granted privileges by some hospitals. Most avoid this issue by performing it in their office. Unfortunately, the majority of these physicians are not formally trained in plastic surgery and specifically liposuction. In fact, any physician can claim to be a plastic surgeon or perform liposuction. Weekend courses are not a substitute for formal training in … Read More

Can liposuction help me jumpstart my diet?

Liposuction should not be used to “jumpstart” a diet. To get the most out of your surgery, you must commit to maintaining the results though diet and exercise. 50% of your results will be from the surgery, and 50% of your results will be based on how you manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Can you get rid of tattooed eyebrows?

Depending on the color of the pigment, this can occasionally be done. If the color is closer to black then I think your chances for success are greater. If it is brown, or lighter there is always a chance that the ink can oxidize with treatment and actually become darker. Additionally, it may effect the hair follicles and you may … Read More

How many days prior laser surgery is it a good idea to take an anti-viral? Do I need to take one if I am only getting laser on my upper chest area?

For me it depends on the type of procedure: If I am using a fractionated laser and patients don’t have a history of cold sores I don’t put them on any antivirals. You heal the surface of the skin so quickly with antivirals I don’t find it necessary. If you have a history or if I use full ablative treatments … Read More

What are the latest filler products available?

We anticipate the release of several new hyaluronic acid fillers by a company named Merz. Dysport was the second botulinum toxin on the market about a year and a half ago. We anticipate several others in the next few years.