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Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel's Blog

Can you get rid of tattooed eyebrows?

Depending on the color of the pigment, this can occasionally be done. If the color is closer to black then I think your chances for success are greater. If it is brown, or lighter there is always a chance that the ink can oxidize with treatment and actually become darker. Additionally, it may effect the hair follicles and you may … Read More

How many days prior laser surgery is it a good idea to take an anti-viral? Do I need to take one if I am only getting laser on my upper chest area?

For me it depends on the type of procedure: If I am using a fractionated laser and patients don’t have a history of cold sores I don’t put them on any antivirals. You heal the surface of the skin so quickly with antivirals I don’t find it necessary. If you have a history or if I use full ablative treatments … Read More

What are the latest filler products available?

We anticipate the release of several new hyaluronic acid fillers by a company named Merz. Dysport was the second botulinum toxin on the market about a year and a half ago. We anticipate several others in the next few years.

what is the best way to get rid of the lines around my mouth?

there are a number of different ways to tackle this problem. In some instances, botulinum toxin and/or the addition of a hyaluronic acid filler can adequate improve this with a limited amount of downtime. A more aggressive approach would be to resurface the area with a laser, to sand these areas down. there is more recovery involved with the latter. … Read More

can you tell me more about zerona

zerona uses a cold laser ( one you don’t feel) to help reduce fat deposits primarily in the abdomen, waist and thighs. We are seeing an average reduction of approximately 1-1.5 inches off the waist in 90% of our patients. Of course patient selection is important and every patient is properly evaluated by myself.

Is the HCG diet effective?

I think the diet is effective. Whether it is effective long term is debatable. The other question I have is whether the weight loss is from HCG or the 500 calorie diet they are on!

Are mommy makeovers safe?

This is an excellent question. In general mommy makeovers refer to breast and abdominal surgery following pregnancy. Safety is the most important thing to consider when planning a surgery. For most patients, doing these two procedures together in an accredited facility is safe. However, I would be cautious about considering these types of procedures in an office based practice. Additionally, … Read More

Lipo results without surgery?

It is true there are two FDA approved devices to treat unwanted fat. They are not surgical replacement however. The results are conservative and really depend on the quality of your overlying skin and how much fat you actually have. The changes are often more noticeable in how clothing fits, not necessarily how you look in the mirror!