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Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel's Blog

irregularities after lipo

Two years following your procedure it is safe to say that you have achieved your result. When contour irregularities develop these can be improved with either fat transfer or rearrangement of the fat you have. When you are thin, as your picture suggests this can be difficult. It is very important for you to either go back to your treating … Read More

swelling after lipo

The hardest thing from a patient perspective about liposuction is that it is not an immediate gratification procedure. Despite the small incision, there is an extensive amount of surgery under the skin happening which results in your body creating swelling. This varies with the extent of the procedure. It usuallyl takes about 2 weeks to get back to your preoperative … Read More

what causes eye bags?

There are several causes of bagginess of the eyelids 1. swelling – allergies are the number one cause 2. volume loss – when you lose volume in the central part of the cheek ( over the eye socket bone) it can give the impression that you have baggy eyelids 3.pigmentation – pigmentation overlying the bone can also give the impression … Read More

am i a candidate for a tummy tuck

There are four things that give you fullness of your abdomen and different ways to address them: 1. fat – fat can be either excised ( with a TT) or removed with liposuction 2. excess skin – despite the hype over skin tightening devices, most redundant skin requires surgical excision 3. weakness of the abdominal wall (diastasis) – often occurs … Read More

swelling after a tummy tuck; what to expect

Most surgeries require some degree of recovery. Body contouring often requires more. We expect immediate gratification but often times have to wait a considerable amount of time particularly with body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck. If your doctor also performed liposuction it could be even greater. Remember a couple of things: 1. it usually takes two weeks to … Read More

what type of liposuction is the safest?

Liposuction safety and efficacy is dictated by the surgeon and not the device. What type of surgeon you choose and their level of experience and expertise is the most important factor in achieving a desirable, long term result.

will upper eyelid surgery make my eyes look less tired?

Upper eyelid surgery can restore a more youthful appearance to the upper eyelid. In some cases it can also improve one’s vision. Other factors that can contribute to a “tired” appearance includes allergies, the brow position, and the appearance of the lower eyelids. It is important that you discuss your goals and medical history with a board certified plastic surgeon, … Read More

how do you translate cup size to implant volume size?

When we discuss breast surgery with patients we often talk about cup sizes. It is important to remember that cup sizes are somewhat arbitrary and a C at one store may be a D at another. That being said, it does allow us to start to focus or an endpoint. For breast augmentation, the ideal implant depends on many things … Read More

2 months post lipo and no results

While it does take around 3-4 months to achieve your result, I would think you should see something at this point. It is important that you embrace the necessary diet and exercise changes that will allow you to achieve the best possible results. I always tell my patients, 50% surgery, 50% lifestyle changes. I would give yourself a few more … Read More

ice pick acne scars in ethnic skin

my preference is to treat this type of scar with a fractionated CO2 laser system. I think this allows a certain depth of injury which helps improve these scars. Because you have ethnic skin ( pigment) we have to be more careful with your skin and often decrease our settings ( less aggressive). This means you will likely require more … Read More