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What Are the Options for a Fuller, Curvier Posterior?

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Question: What are the options for a fuller, curvier posterior?

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Kenkel answers:

The buttock silhouette is complemented by a concave or narrow waist. In fact, we believe that well over 80% of the curve of the buttock is in fact due to aggressive contouring of the hips with liposuction. This allows for an aesthetically pleasing transition from the concave hips to the convex buttock.

Most women have natural depressions between the outer area of their hips and thighs. This distracts from a natural curve or lateral silhouette. We add fat to this area, in some cases to restore this.

Fat can be used to increase projection but currently is being re-evaluated to optimize safety concerns regarding injecting fat in the central buttock. In some cases, patients may not have fat to transfer, and we may consider implants.

Finally, patients who have had weight changes for any reason may be a candidate for a buttock lift with augmentation using your body’s own tissues. It is best to see us so we can determine what may be the best option for you.

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