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nonsurgical alternatives

There are three general areas that we focus on when evaluating a patient for surgical or nonsurgical rejuvenation:

1. surface changes – these include things such as pigmentation and lines from exposure to the elements

2. volume losses – as we age we lose volume in our face in several areas that give us a more aged appearance

3. skin laxity – with volume loss and the aging process including exposure our skin may sag

There are no nonsurgical replacements for facelifting results but there are some things you can consider:

1. Use sunblock every day regardless of the time of year.

2. Consider starting on a physician directed skin care program ( this alone will help most signficantly)

3. Some may benefit from enhanced skin rejuvenation with peeling agents or lasers.

4. Volume loss of the face is more than filling lines. It is replacing fat loss with either fat from another part of your body or using injectable products available in a MD office

5. Be very cautious about technology promoting “skin tightening”. There are no replacements for surgery. Your physician must be candid with you and help set realistic expectations about what these technologies can do.

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