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How much can you do in one cosmetic surgery?

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Question: How much can you do in one cosmetic surgery? 

Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Kenkel answers:

MC, this is a great question.

While you raise many concerns that can be addressed with plastic surgery, the most important question you raise is about patient safety. So how do we determine what is a safe number of procedures to combine in one operation? The short answer is it varies completely on the patient and the types of procedures done.

Obviously the stress that a facelift puts on the body is totally different than that of a tummy tuck. We also try to limit how much time you are under anesthesia in one sitting. In my hands, your requests would require a minimum of 2 but likely 3 procedures. It would be very important for you to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon, ASAPS member.

Every patient is different, so a procedure(s) that is tailored to your needs would be determined. Thanks so much for raising important safety issues.

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