Good to Glow Nutritional Program

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Dr. Kenkel's GEM Story

I have struggled with my blood cholesterol levels for over a decade. This as well as my desire to provide educational information to my patients has pushed me to educate myself and learn about proper nutrition. Food is a powerful tool and helps fuel your body. When planning for a surgical procedure, it is important to recognize this and begin to explore how best to eat to help your body recover and heal.

There are an overwhelming number of diets and meal plans on the market. While I do feel that each of us probably responds differently to each program, I have been impressed with what a plant-based diet can do for your health and wellness. My wife introduced me to The GEM as one option to embrace a healthier lifestyle. I have personally used their program and really enjoyed what it did for me. It allowed me to become leaner, provided me with more energy and helped me avoid unhealthy foods.

I started meeting with Leslie and Mary Kathryn about how we might incorporate a program like theirs into our surgical regimen. They have worked hard and put together this plan which involves a 3-day program before and after surgery as a start.

I think this program will help our patients recover; decreasing swelling and inflammation and promoting healing. It is an optional program, but I feel it is worth taking a look at. Should you have any questions Leslie, Mary Kathryn or I am happy to answer them. If interested, we have included how best to coordinate with your upcoming surgery.

*Dr Kenkel has no financial interest in The Gem or its products and sales*

In order to help our patients prepare for surgery and achieve the best possible outcome during the healing process, Dr. Kenkel is proud to introduce the Good to Glow nutritional program from the GEM.

This is a six-day pre- and post-surgical nutritional program designed to decrease the likelihood of complications from surgery, improve immunity, and help your body recover more quickly.

Good to Glow is designed to help prepare your body for surgery and help you heal afterward by:

  • Decreasing inflammation and stress
  • Promoting collagen stores for scar and skin formation
  • Increasing your body's immune activity
  • Boosting metabolism and digestion
  • Promoting optimal healing results
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Read the Good to Glow Nutritional Program brochure


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